Blogger (bloh-ger) – an individual who records their own thoughts, experiences and opinions on the internet for other people to read.

If you’re considering having cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical treatment, following someone else’s personal journey can be informative, reassuring and enlightening.

You may have read a number of Transform’s patient stories already, in magazines, newspapers and on our website.

We find our patients are happy to share their experiences (and results!) with the world including how they sought the courage to take the first step, the big day and how they’ve changed as a person following their procedure.

Bloggers are natural story tellers and use a variety of platforms to reach their audiences – most notably YouTube and Instagram.

From on-trend fashionistas to hardcore fitness fanatics, the mummy bloggers and your everyday person with a camera in their room; they’ve documented their experiences, warts and all, in their own unique style and we’ve left them to it.

We’ve been working on a number of Transform Blogger Stories which we are sharing with you here.

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