Recovery and aftercare is a key part of the process for anyone having surgery, some clinicians would even go as far as to say that it’s just as important as the surgery itself.

All Transform patients are advised of the recommended recovery period right from their first consultation – patients need to factor in the time they are advised to take off work in order to fully heal and recuperate.

We firmly believe for all our patients who undertake breast augmentation surgery that aftercare shouldn’t be an after- thought.

Anyone thinking of having surgery should be fully up to speed with what is expected of them post op, for the majority of procedures, this will mean resting up and doing as little as possible for the first week or so.

We’ve compiled some recovery ‘top tips’ for breast augmentation recovery:


  1. Book off at least a week off work! No strenuous exercise or activities during this time so make sure you have enough food in and arrange for someone to help or stay with you for a couple of day

  2. Avoid raising your arms or any repetitive upper body movements, this includes no driving for the first week

  3. Do not remove any wound dressings yourself - this is to avoid any infection

  4. Only have waist-high baths or even better, stand up body washes. This is to ensure the wound site stays nice and dry

  5. Make sure you have plenty of pillows so you can prop yourself comfortably up in bed

  6. Buy a sports bra – these are widely available on the high street and we advise not spending too much as you’ll only need then for a week or two. Go for one back size bigger than you normally are and one cup size larger than you’re expecting to go – this is to accommodate any swelling

  7. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, this will help your body recover quicker

  8. During the first couple of weeks after your op, your breasts will look and sit a little high, these will settle after about 3 or 4 weeks, so please try not to worry too much

  9. Make sure you wear loose fitting zip/button up clothing for the first couple of weeks

  10. One week after your op, your nurse will remove your dressings and advise on recovery from there onwards – everyone heals at different stages, so advice will be tailored specifically to the patient

Post Check

If at any point after your surgery you have any concerns or queries, contact your co-ordinator or nurse at your local Transform clinic for advice.

To find out more about your aftercare with Transform, click here to watch the ‘Transform hospital experience’ video.