Fashion and lifestyle blogger Sarah Ashcroft of That Pommie Girl took over Transform’s Twitter at the weekend for a live Q&A with our followers.

Answering your questions about her Breast Enlargement surgery with us and the recovery process, Sarah spent the session replying openly and honestly about her experience.

Here’s a recap of what she had to say:

1. Faulner_Charlotte: I really want breast implants but I’m saving up. What clothes, bikinis did you wear pre-surgery?
Sarah: I just wore exactly the same things as I wear now. My style hasn’t changed as I didn’t go too big so I can wear all the same things, but it all fits better.

2. Shellollie24: Did you go in front or behind the muscle?
Sarah: I had tear drop implants, in front of the muscle and set ‘ultra high’ as that’s what my surgeon Mr. Meleagros recommended.

3. KerryHazel_: How long was recovery? Did you need to book time off work?
Sarah: I shot a lot of my outfits before surgery so I took two weeks off and spent my time recovering on the sofa with my laptop writing content.

4. CiaraHemsley: Would you consider getting any more surgery? How much did it hurt on a scale of 1-10?
Sarah: I’m not currently considering anything else but that’s not to say I won’t in the future. I had no pain at all, so I guess I would say a one.

5. AmberLouiseClark: Do you have any regrets?
Sarah: Not one! It was the best decision I've ever made.

6. SammyLouise4: What size implants did you have? How long did healing take? Will you be able to breast feed? How much did it cost?
Sarah: I had 340cc implants. Healing took about six weeks. My surgeon assured me I shouldn’t have a problem with breast-feeding. It cost £4,425 in total.

7. Blmcguire_: What hurt the most and are you happy with the outcome a year on? Also, how long did it take to save for the procedure?
Sarah: I had very little pain but I would say the worst bit was having the drains out after the op. I am over the moon with the outcome, they look fab. I had been saving since I was 18.

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