Here at Transform, we’re in a unique position to spot and identify trends as they happen due to the amount of patients we talk to about surgery and the number of years we’ve been around.

What we’ve noticed is that women’s preferences for breast shape and size can be broadly tied in with popular celebrities of that time.

As people’s celebrity idols progress as do surgery trends – from the most requested breasts moving from Kim Kardashian in 2012, to a more petite Bella Hadid in 2016.

Currently, more women appear to desire a more athletic body as opposed to the previously coveted voluptuous curves.

Other popular celebrity breasts in recent years have varied from Ellie Goulding, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and Nicole Scherzinger – all known for their petite frames and smaller assets.

Our new research has also shown that women’s size choices vary not only with time, but also has a lot to do with where they live within the UK. 

Further research and feedback from our surgeons proves that women in the Southern region of the UK are most likely to request a more petite chest, while women in the North continue to seek out a fuller bust in the style of Rita Ora, Beyonce and Helen Flanagan – with size requests going all the way up to an E cup.

We’ve seen average breast implant sizes decrease from an F cup, to a C cup in the past decade.

As well as the size, the shape of the breast that women are requesting has also changed. With fashion trends prompting a focus on the ‘side-boob’, more women are choosing to have surgery to enhance their chest’s side profile.

The number of breast augmentations carried out has rapidly increased over the past decade to its highest level in history – with Manchester and London becoming the most popular cities to undergo the procedure.