Our social followers may have seen team Transform having fun at a skincare photoshoot recently. We seem to be becoming the experts in all things ‘shoot’, so we decided to put together a guide for the perfect photoshoot. Well, for a Transform shoot, anyway!

The location

Always book an ‘edgy’ hangout for the day. Preferably in London. With interior brickwork exposed. Vintage furniture works great as well. And hipsters. Okay, just book it in Shoreditch and be done with it.

What about out and about? Traditionally, Transform shoots take place in the studio but for the first time ever, we have ventured out into the backstreets, parks and rooftops of the capital. Anything’s game!     

The crew

Team up with a good photographer – we like to work with a certain celebrity photographer of year, yanno. Art direction should be glorious and we like videographers who’ve top skills and top banter – very important for post-shoot pub visits! Hair and make-up teams should be selected carefully. You can take a great picture but if the hair isn’t on-point you might as well have not bothered. Add in a sassy stylist and all that’s left are the models...

The models

Models? What models?!  At Transform, we only use our very own patients to ‘model’ for any work that we do. Why would anyone considering cosmetic surgery or skincare treatments want to see someone who isn’t even a genuine patient?!

We had an amazing time with our patients; they were professional, open to ideas and fun to work with. They were rolling around on blankets, constantly dressed, undressed and redressed and even let us film them behind-the-scenes, getting ready #nofilter.

The hair & make-up

Arguably one of the most exciting parts of the day, our patients are treated to full glamour and glitz, though it may not seem it: the key for Transform shoots as our make-up artist Cassie puts it is “no make-up make-up”. We like our patients to look good and feel good but it’s important to keep it minimal to allow the results of skincare treatments to shine through.

The clothes

Overspend on the budget. With the help of a stylist, Transform enlists the help of a number of brands to cloth our patients. The theme depends on what the shoot is for and it’s important to remember that it’s about the results of the surgery or treatment – it’s not a catwalk for the High Street labels! We house a large selection of clothes and accessories to give our patients choice and show off their personality. Top favourites include H&M, ASOS and MissGuided.

The food

No, actually this is the favourite part of the day. And where the budget really goes! #noshame. As we all know, water is not only great for the skin but the hydration keeps the energy going. Keep plenty in the fridge and restock throughout the day as necessary. 

At lunchtime, coffee and cake is always a popular choice, but carbs are important for a successful afternoon as, though they might look easy, shoots can be very intensive. Insta photos optional.

The outcome

Hopefully, you should end up with a wealth of photos and videos fit for a queen. Our patients deserve the best, so we give them the best. Lookout for our lovely patients heading up our skincare treatments, coming soon.