Breastfeeding is a very emotive subject for many women and a key concern for the majority of our breast surgery patients.

It’s of no surprise then that one of the most common questions patients ask before having breast surgery is ‘will I be able to breastfeed afterwards?’

In short – this all depends on the type of breast surgery the patient is interested in and the advice and recommendations provided by their surgeon.

As a starting point, we advise patients to talk through any concerns they may have with their surgeon at their initial consultation.

It’s important to note that many women struggle or are unable to breastfeed for many reasons – regardless of whether they’ve had surgery or not. This could be to do with the baby not latching on, the mother not producing enough milk, mastitis etc.

We’ll take a look at the key breast surgeries we offer here at Transform and talk through the breast feeding implications.


Breast Augmentation

The vast majority of women who have breast augmentation surgery go on to breastfeed. This is because the milk ducts are kept intact during surgery and are therefore unaffected.

Reality star, Kourtney Kardashian has been open about having breast augmentation surgery in the past and has gone on to successfully breast feed all three of her children.

In fact, Kourtney’s breasts, three children later, are looking better than ever!


Breast Reductions

Patients are advised that if they are planning to have children post surgery, there’s a high chance they won’t be able to breastfeed.

Breast reduction surgery, in most cases, involves the milk ducts being cut which affects the patient’s ability to breastfeed afterwards.

This is clearly outlined to all patients at the consultation stage and plays a big part in the decision making process.

For this reason, many patients who opt for this procedure are at a stage in their life where their family is complete and they’re not planning on having any more children.


Breast Uplifts and Nipple Correction Surgery

Similarly to breast augmentation surgery, during both breast uplift and nipple correction procedures, the milk ducts are unaffected so breastfeeding is still possible and very likely in the majority of cases.

The majority of our patients who have had either of these surgeries have gone on to breastfeed without any complications or issues.

If you are pregnant and have had surgery on your breasts, inform your doctor from the outset of your pregnancy.

If you’ve had surgery and are experiencing issues with breastfeeding, you should book in to see your GP as soon as possible and if necessary, your implanting surgeon too.

As always, each woman is different, as is each surgeon and their style of surgery, so it’s important that anyone interested in breast surgery does plenty of research and talks through any concerns with their surgeon.