Here at Transform, we all dream of having a completely flat, washboard stomach – who wouldn’t?! In fact, we’ve found that having a flat stomach is the second most sought-after result from our patients, after having their dream breasts.

With a taut stomach you have the confidence to put on a bikini at any age (Dame Helen Mirren anyone?), have more clothing options available to you, you can show off your waist with the latest cropped tops and bombers and best of all, enhance and play on your womanly curves.

But why is demand for a trim midriff so popular? The Kardashian clan has nailed the flat stomach with curvy body to a T – you only have to check out Khloe or Kim in their latest Insta pics to get body envy. They put the hours in the gym and there isn’t an inch of fat on their stomachs. But is it just slaving away at the gym or do they have something else up their sleeve?  

It’s no secret that a poor diet, lack of exercise and having children are the key culprits for the belly flab. We meet a number of women who meticulously plan their diet and embark on gruelling exercise regimes in a bid to get their dream tummy but still just can’t quite get there; unfortunately, for some, a flat stomach is unattainable without a helping hand.

What can be done about it? Transform offer 2 body contouring procedures which avoid the need to go under the knife. Aqualyx is the latest body sculpting treatment available, whereby fat pockets are broken down naturally through the use of injections into the desired area. CoolSculpt freezes the area of fat cells, reduces them until released naturally from the body. Think of when you suck on an ice lolly – your mouth feels hollow. CoolSculpt works in the same way. Both body sculpting procedures are particularly good for those who have dieted and spent a lot of time working out but still cannot remove areas of body fat.

 For those who need to remove larger areas of fat or areas of excess skin, such as after excessive weight loss, liposuction or an abdominoplasty (commonly known as a ‘tummy tuck’) may be suitable.

These surgical procedures should be a last resort and not undertaken lightly, but they can achieve good results for suitable patients.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling to the get the stomach of your dreams – do lots of research and if you feel ready, our teams can take you through your options.

For now, back to those stomach crunches...