Hi there, Sophie here from The Fashion Rubiks taking you through exactly what went on in my initial consultation for Coolsculpt at Transform’s Manchester Clinic. But first let’s start from the beginning, and why I’ve chosen to undergo this non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

An introduction...

For as long as I can remember I had always struggled with my weight. In high school I went from a size 10 to 14 in a matter of months. Eating café-esque dinners at college and snacking on chocolate just like my (size 8) friends, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t eat as much as them. This continued until I was at university. Every now and again I’d try the latest fad diet, all with the idea of losing weight fast through little effort. Whether that was Weight Watchers, Atkins or a general reduced calorie plan, none of them seemed to work!

Naturally as I’ve always been into fashion, I could easily hide those few extra pounds. Nobody ever really saw me as a ‘big girl’ because I dressed in fairly oversized pieces, but when I left university and settled into my first social media job, I decided to make a change. I was sick of yoyo dieting and not feeling confident enough to wear the clothes I wanted to. So in January 2013 as a ‘New Year, New Me’ resolution, I joined the gym and decided I was going to lose that extra weight once and for all.

Cleaning out my cupboards removing any processed foods, I began to cook everything from scratch – adopting the ‘clean eating’ way of life. Attending the gym four times a week and eating proportioned healthy meals three times a day, the weight soon dropped off by the time summer came around.

I went from a size 14 back down to a petite size 10 - I felt incredible! For the first time in years I was able to wear exactly what I wanted, my weight no longer held me back. Now as the years have gone by and it’s three years since I made the clean eating diet change, I’ve noticed the pounds slowly creeping back on. This is predominantly due to my body getting use to the strict gym regime and nutrition plan, which it no longer deems a challenge. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of that stubborn fat area around my hips, but nothing seems to be budging! That’s when I started to cast the net a little wider and looked at alternative ways to lose these unwanted pockets of fat.

Transform & Coolsculpt

I don’t think I’d ever consider liposuction, this feels far to invasive for me. Some people do opt for this, usually if they have a larger area to treat, but as my issue is quite minimal I found this can be treated with Coolsculpt through Transform’s website. Learning that this non-invasive treatment takes just 60 minutes (dependant on the area) and doesn’t require aesthetic, needles or incisions I knew this was the option for me. I quickly booked a consultation to discuss this in further detail.

The Manchester City Centre Clinic was really easy to find, it’s just a short walking distance from Piccadilly Gardens. On entering the clinic I was greeted by a very welcoming team on the reception desk. Cosmetic surgery has such a stigma, you expect everyone to be so ‘middle class’ but that’s definitely not the case at Transform - the staff were so friendly and helpful! I was given a medical form to fill out and seen to the waiting room, where I was allowed to help myself to refreshments.

Shortly after, the practitioner Michelle came to greet me in the waiting area and took me in to the consultation room. Starting from the beginning, I went through my weight loss journey with her whilst I pointed out my area of concern. Michelle reassured me of the 40% success rate Coolsculpt has and described exactly what would happen during the procedure, explaining that Coolsculpt uses controlled advanced cooling technology to eliminate fat cells. Mainly used to tackle areas around the stomach, lips and inner thigh the fat is cooled down and frozen, then your body naturally breaks down these molecules leaving a more toned physique. With no recommended downtime afterwards, I really wanted to give this treatment a try!

Michelle spoke about her own personal experience with Coolsculpt, which also helped me make my final decision. She explained she had the treatment on her stomach area, and although she felt slight discomfort when the treatment first started she couldn’t recommend it more! She said her results were amazing and she dropped nearly two dress sizes – they’re results you can’t argue with. After a brief look over my problem area, Michelle explained I’d probably only need one treatment, but she’d book me in for a second consultation four-six weeks after my initial procedure just to make sure, as results can take this long to fully develop.


Initially after doing my research online, I knew Transform was the only provider I’d go to for Coolsculpt. This was then re-confirmed when I met Michelle and went through the procedure in detail. Now I’ve booked my first treatment and I’m counting down the days – wish me luck! I’ll be explaining all in my next post, keep your eyes peeled!

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