Let’s face it; breasts are a major concern in the media, whether it’s in the pages of revealing fashion shoots or chat about which celebrity has or hasn’t had a boob job.   Taylor Swift was a recent focus, with papers guessing if she’d had a breast increase, followed only weeks before with Victoria Beckham’s career charted through her changing boobs.

What all this media attention seems to forget is that your breasts are not just a spotlight for selling papers; they are often a very special focus for your feelings about intimacy, body confidence and eventually the ageing process.   

Why boobs are the most popular area for change

Your breasts, more than any other part of your body, will change at every stage of your life, so it’s no wonder that boob jobs, in their various forms, are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.   

Most of us will immediately think of a breast enlargement, otherwise known as breast augmentation or a simple boob job, and you may also be aware of breast uplifts or reductions. Less well known is nipple correction, along with the new kid on the blog, fat transfer.  

You might be wondering what all these procedures involve, or even what they are, so read on for the full life story of your breasts and why you might consider some of these procedures now or in the future.

18 to 30: Young and free, but am I happy with my breasts?

Breasts are a very personal thing, and whilst one girl might be in love with her small boobs, another may feel deeply disappointed. This unhappiness can circle around clothing and fashion, wanting to feel in proportion or even boob envy - when you share the beach with your mates and their dazzling bikini bodies. On a deeper note, many girls just never feel comfortable with intimacy and their breasts really do interfere with having a happy and enjoyable sex life.  

Your boobs can feel too big, too small, the wrong shape or they may be a mismatched pair: what’s key here is that this is your body and your feelings, and only you really know what choices will be right for you.

What options do I have if my boobs are too small?

The most popular procedure at this age would be a boob job; it can give you the curvy figure of your dreams or balance out uneven breasts. There are several options, and you can read all about the details of our breast enlargements here as well as finding out how to book a free consultation.

There is also a very new procedure, fat transfer, popularised by Kim Kardashian’s bountiful bottom, which can also be used to create subtle increases in breast size.  

At Transform, Dr. Netri is a leading surgeon in this area. Fat transfer might be something to consider if you’d prefer not to have implants as it only involves the use of your own fat tissue to increase breast size.

My boobs are too big, am I too young for a breast reduction?

In the UK, women’s breasts are bigger than ever before, with the average cup size having gone from a B in the fifties to a DD today. There are lots of reasons why we’ve seen such an increase in breast size, from weight gain, the pill, to better nutrition.

You might be one of those young women who feel that their lifestyle is really affected by boobs that are just too big. Whilst your figure might be the envy of many, these admirers probably don’t realise that your large breasts not only affect what you can wear, they also make sports difficult or embarrassing and can even cause you back and neck pain. If you’re feeling low about some, or all of these issues, don’t feel embarrassed, it may well be worth considering a boob reduction.

The key things for you to think about, especially at this younger age, are some of the physical effects. Part of the breast reduction procedure may involve the nipple being moved, and this can affect your ability to breast feed. With this in mind, if you’re not too unhappy about your breast size, it may be worth considering waiting until after you’ve had a family. What might also affect your final choice is the small amount of scarring left behind. Although this will fade, it may leave you feeling that your boobs look less attractive than before.

If you want to find out more, read about breast reduction here.

Next week we’ll delve into the world of breasts from 25 years onwards.