At 30 and under you’re learning to love your breasts, and that’s what we discussed in our last article.  As you get older, your body confidence will probably have grown, but so will your expectations.  Whether you’re a ‘Yummy Mummy’ or a dynamic business girl about town, you know that you still love life, and that you want to feel at your best.  

You probably have more money for holidays, parties and those fabulous dresses you  hankered after in your twenties.  Then the ironic question pops into your mind, ‘Is youth wasted on the young?’, because your boobs might be in need of some TLC.  If this sounds like you, then read on for our top tips on the life of your breasts as you age.     

25 to 35:  I love my family but I want to love my breasts too

Not only has women’s breast size increased since the 1950s, so has our independence.  Having a family no longer means that you’ll be saying goodbye to your work colleagues forever, in fact, it might even be your other half taking on the lion’s share of the child care!  
Even if you don’t plan on going back to work for a while, you will probably still be out with friends and enjoying looking and feeling good.  However, if your boobs are not looking and feeling quite so perky, you may be one of the many women who decide to opt for some kind of breast surgery.

Being a mum can sometimes leave you feeling like there is little or no ‘me time’; a boob job can be a much needed focus on you, and give you that extra boost of confidence.

What procedures will give me back my pre-baby boobs?

During pregnancy your boobs can often become dramatically bigger; it’s this change in volume that can leave you looking and feeling deflated.  

Now, although the traditional boob job can give you back some size, it won’t be able to help you with any loose or sagging skin. The best option here would actually be a mastopexy, more commonly known as a breast uplift.  

Sometimes just having a boob uplift will be enough, but depending on how you’re looking and feeling, you may find the best option is actually a combination of the two – an implant and an uplift.

You can read more about the breast uplift procedure here, and to find out which options are best for you and your unique situation, we recommend that you arrange a consultation.

35 Plus:  I want to look as good as I feel

Women can’t seem to win in the eyes of the media; as we get older we’re expected to remain glamorous and youthful, but if we decide to help nature along then we can be criticized.  

The solution is to simply switch off the outside noise and to listen to your own feelings.  Luckily, as you get older, it generally becomes easier to make an empowered choice and not to be swayed by the opinions of everyone around you.

Many women, at this stage in life, can want their body to match their emotions, but weight changes and ageing can mean that your breasts are no longer looking at their best. It may be that a boob job or an uplift is just what you need and will be the final icing on the cake in terms of happiness and confidence.

Loving your breasts

However you feel about your boobs, there’s no doubt that you should feel free to make the right choices for you. We’re here to offer advice, and to help you make those important decisions no matter what stage of your life you’re at.