Finally, that gorgeous look from the 1950s has reappeared, partly thanks to the curvaceous figure of the fabulous Kim Kardashian.  

If you’re thinking, ‘Well that can never be me...  I’ve got curves, but not quite in the places I want them,’ we have a surprise in store for you – direct from the shores of the USA, in the form of fat transfer!

What is fat transfer?

Fat transfer, sometimes referred to as fat grafting or fat injections, is an exciting new treatment that will be transforming the shape of cosmetic surgery to come (pun intended!).

It literally allows you to have fat transferred from one part of your body, where you may feel a little too well endowed, to another area that you feel needs enhancement. Fat is removed under local anaesthetic and then, after purification, injected into the treatment site. This means the procedure is minimally invasive, with less down time than even traditional liposuction.  

You’ll probably be one step ahead now, thinking of all the possibilities of removing stubborn fat from your stomach, thighs and arms and giving a little lift to your buttocks, breasts or face. There are also other less well known uses too; such as smoothing out acne scarring or for certain aspects of breast reconstruction.

Why are so many women celebrating curves?

If you’re a follower of the latest fashion trends, you’ll have noticed that some celebrities are no longer sporting the lean and boyish figure of stars like Victoria Beckham. We have a fantastic new wave of women enjoying a bountiful body, reclaiming their right to be proud of a gloriously large bottom! There’s also speculation that the figures of stars like Virginia Gallardo, Chloe Sims and most famously, Kim Kardashian, may have had a little extra help in the form of fat transfer.

How can Transform help?

We’re extremely lucky to have one of the leading surgeons in fat transfer, Mr. Netri, who is able to offer his expertise to our patients. Fat transfer involves the careful removal of fat using VaserLipo, a form of liposuction, which breaks fat down using ultrasound. To get the very best results, fat must be harvested very carefully, so it’s extremely important to have this procedure performed by an expert in the field such as Mr. Netri.

What can I expect from fat transfer?

Fat transfer is particularly appealing to women because it involve the use of your own tissue, rather than a filler or an implant. It’s important to remember that results can be quite subtle though, particularly if you’re thinking of a boob job  – maybe 1 or 2 cup sizes.  For your bottom, a more dramatic elevated look, aka Kim, can be achieved.  

Fat transfer can be long lasting, but not permanent, and depending on your body and the skill of your surgeon, the fat can be reabsorbed with a gradual loss in volume. With this in mind, you may need to think about more than one treatment to keep your new curves in tip top shape.

Let’s finish face forward!

Have you come to a stage in life where you feel a need to choose between your figure and your face? For some people, it’s certainly true that losing a few pounds can have a disproportionate effect on their face. As we age we begin to lose fat around the eyes, temples and cheeks and it can be difficult to maintain your ideal weight and that plump, fresh faced look.

Using fat transfer to give volume to these facial areas can be a fantastic natural lift.  There’s also the added bonus that your own fat contains stem cells which are nature’s rejuvenators, making skin thicker, smoother and brighter. To add to this package of bonuses, if you choose to opt for fat transfer instead of traditional fillers, you will end up with a result which is much more natural. Fillers tend to be thicker than your own fat and can give an artificial ‘stiffness’ to the face which you probably recognise in the infamous Hollywood ‘cat face’.

You might be wondering why you would choose to use fillers at all – is fat transfer the ultimate cure all?  Not for everything. Fine lines and wrinkles are still best treated with conventional fillers or anti- wrinkle injections, and sagging may well need some kind of uplift.

The way forward is to combine treatments, and to speak with a professional who really understands what you want to achieve and the best way to get those results.

Why Choose Transform?

At Transform we offer a free consultation where you can discuss all your options with an expert in the field. We have over 40 years of experience, with specialist doctors and aesthetic nurses who can combine treatments to hold back the years. If you do decide to opt for fat transfer then Dr. Netri is a leader in the field and will be able to give you the best possible results.