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The minimum age for any consultation and a surgical procedure is 18. It is not possible to proceed with treatment if you become pregnant.

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The four steps to surgery enlightenment - step 3

Step 3 – Cooling off

The decision to have cosmetic surgery isn’t one that should be taken lightly. You should feel confident in the decision you’re making and in the support and information you’ve received from your cosmetic surgery provider.

With so much to take on board, it’s important to take a ‘cooling off’ period to give yourself breathing space to consider the following aspects of whether surgery is the right step for you.

Is the procedure right for me?

Any reputable cosmetic surgery provider should, by law, give you at least 14 days to cool off after a consultation before communication continues. If you’re thinking of having cosmetic surgery, you should clearly understand your motivations behind wanting surgery and whether having surgery will help you achieve this. Be honest and ask yourself whether you’ve weighed up the potential risks. Any surgery, no matter how small, can carry some degree of risk.

Secondly, are you being realistic about the outcome of the surgery and the results you hope to achieve? Your body is unique to you and therefore, how your body will react to surgery and the results you may achieve will vary. Whilst you may have seen a result you would like to achieve from another patient, try not to compare yourself to someone else and think realistically about what your surgeon will be able to achieve.

Am I confident with my surgeon?

As with any relationship, the foundation between you and your surgeon should be built on trust. You should feel comfortable and confident in their skills and abilities, whilst also feeling reassured by the way they interact with you and understand things from your perspective.

Prior to meeting your surgeon, it’s important to do your research (see our Check out blog). This can be through internet and website searches or by visiting a provider’s social media pages and asking former patients about their experiences. Remember, it’s okay to have consultations with multiple surgeons and to ask them as many questions as you need before committing to both the surgery and your surgeon of choice.

How do I decide on the right cosmetic surgery provider?

Regardless of which cosmetic surgery provider you choose, you should carefully consider patient care as it differs between providers. Firstly, will your surgery take place in a dedicated cosmetic surgery hospital? In a dedicated hospital every aspect of your care should be taken care of, including state-of-the-art facilities and pre-op and post-op services for consistent care and support throughout your journey. It should also ensure that every professional within the clinical team specialises and is fully trained in cosmetic surgery. The key point is that your care and support should be the priority, and the provider you chose should reflect this.

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