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Why small breast implants are becoming big news

Why small breast implants are becoming big news

Traditionally, celebrity-driven cosmetic surgery led women towards selecting larger implant sizes in order to emulate their idols. However, fast forward a few years later and larger implant sizes appear to be losing their previous status quo, as more and more women are now opting for smaller implant sizes to achieve a more natural look. Data from 20,000 patients who had breast surgery between 2013 and 2017 was analysed, which revealed that the average size of breast implant chosen has decreased year on year. Overall, implants are 3% smaller in 2017 compared to 2013, with women citing they wanted to avoid the ‘plastic’ look and opt for something that looks natural and fits with their body shape.

Breast surgery and implant size across the UK

The largest numbers of breast augmentations were performed in the North West, with one in every 900 women deciding to have breast surgery. This was closely followed by the North East with one in every 1000. Women from Northern Ireland had the fewest breast augmentations, with nearly one in 5000 opting for surgery, followed by the West Midlands with one in 4000 having breast surgery. Interestingly, despite having the lowest number of breast augmentations performed, Northern Irish women opted for the largest implants sizes across the UK, which has remained consistent across the last five years. In contrast, women in Yorkshire prefer smaller size implants. In fact, they opt for implants 14% smaller than Northern Ireland and have the smallest across Britain as a whole.

Breast surgery across age groups

According to the data, the average age for breast enlargement is 30. Mature women tend to go for larger implants, with women aged 43-48 opting for the largest implant size overall. Younger women opt for smallest breast implants, with 18-24 year olds choosing sizes 7% smaller than women aged 43-48. This isn’t necessarily because mature women find larger breasts aesthetically pleasing, but as a result of child birth and the ageing process, breast tissue is lost and larger implants can often help compensate for this.


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