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PDO threads are a type of non-surgical face lift which help to lift sagging, loose skin, putting it back into place to create a tighter, firmer appearance. The threads are inserted through a tiny tube and can lift most parts of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, jowls, jawline and neck.   

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Once the threads are inserted, the skin is suspended in its new position where new collagen cells will form around the biodegradable threads – keeping your skin smooth and supple for up to 2 years. 

There are no incisions involved, just a thread inserted with a needle or cannula. And you’ll enjoy instant results and minimal downtime.  

We’re all a work in progress

PDO threads are less invasive than a traditional face lift and can give you instant results. Your skin’s elasticity will be restored and the area will look lifted, firmer and tighter. 

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With firmer skin, you may find it easier to apply makeup and you may feel more confident in your daily life. PDO threads help to restore the youthful facial structure that you may have lost over time. 

Let’s delve into the detail

As with all medical aesthetic treatments, it’s important to weigh up the risks involved against the benefits that the treatment can bring. Your doctor or nurse will talk you through any possible complications of your treatment.  

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The risks associated with PDO threads are very rare, but can sometimes include temporary side effects such as mild irritation, bruising, tenderness, slight puckering at insertion points, and swelling. 

Ready to believe in the best you?

PDO threads are a safe solution if you’re considering any kind of face lifting procedure. It’s most suitable if you’re between the ages of 35 and 65, and can be carried out on both women and men. PDO threads work effectively if you have sagging skin in the forehead, cheeks, jowls, neck, chin or jawline, and the results are instant.  

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Your doctor or nurse will let you know if you’re a good candidate for this treatment by talking through your medical history in detail 

You so deserve this

As a responsible provider of cosmetic surgery, we understand that every individual procedure needs to be different and tailored specifically to each patient. Because of this, we place a great deal of importance on our free, face-to-face, no-obligation consultations. Following the consultation process, your practitioner will provide a detailed pricing overview for PDO thread treatment 

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PDO threads FAQs

More FAQs
How does a PDO thread lift work?
PDO thread lifts work by inserting biodegradable threads underneath the skin, which are then tightened to restructure and lift sagging skin.
How much does a PDO thread cost?
The cost of your PDO thread procedure will depend on the areas you are having treated, and you can discuss this with your surgeon assistant at your initial consultation.
How long will the results last for?
The results of PDO thread treatment can last for up to 2 years. You may need further treatment to prolong the results.
How long does it take?
The treatment takes around 15-30 minutes to complete.
Are there any side effects?
While side effects are minimal, they sometimes include temporary mild irritation, bruising, tenderness, slight puckering at insertion points, and swelling.
What areas are suitable for a thread face lift?
PDO thread face lifts can be used to treat sagging skin in the forehead, eyebrow area, eye bags, jowls, cheeks, neck and mouth area.
Who are thread face lifts suitable for?
PDO thread face lifts are suitable for both men and women who are experiencing sagging, loose or excess skin. If you are looking for a minimally invasive, relatively comfortable treatment that can help restore your natural facial structure and tighten the skin then this could be a great solution.
What are the advantages of a thread lift?
The thread-lifting treatment offers a surgery-free alternative to the traditional facelift, only requiring local anesthetic and with very little downtime. The results are also visible immediately after the treatment and continue to improve in the following weeks.
What happens to the threads in a thread face lift?
Threads used in a PDO thread lift are typically made from polydioxanone a biodegradable material used for medical stitches which dissolves naturally within the body. The threads are generally fully dissolved 9 months following your treatment.
Can I go back to my normal routine following the thread face lift treatment?
We would advise you to wash your face carefully and avoid face cream and make up for the first 48 hours. Also avoid hot drinks and hard foods for the first 1-3 weeks. To achieve optimal results sleep in an upright position to reduce swelling for the first 3-7 days, avoid strenuous exercise and do not consume alcohol or expose yourself to heat including sun beds or saunas for 7 days.

Next steps

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Your treatment consultation

At your free consultation, your doctor or nurse will ask you about the results you want to achieve from your PDO threads treatment. They’ll guide you through your treatment options and create a personalised plan to help ensure you achieve the best results. Your treatment plan will depend on the skin issues you wish to address, whether that’s congested, loose jowls, loss of elasticity and firmness, or sagging skin. You can discuss every aspect of your treatment with no obligation to go ahead. Our expert doctors and nurses are extremely knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you have. If you feel ready to proceed, we can book your treatment in for a date and time that suits you.

The treatment

On the day of your PDO thread treatment, you’ll be able to go through any last-minute questions with your doctor or nurse. Entry points will be made with small injections to insert the threads underneath the skin, muscle or subcutaneous fat. A local anaesthetic can be used if required in order to make the procedure less uncomfortable. The threads will then be tightened to suspend the skin in its new position. The threads are biodegradable and will dissolve in around 12 weeks, but by that point new collagen cells will have built around the thread to support the restructure and maintain the results. The time the treatment takes is dependent on the number of threads inserted.


You’ll be able to leave the clinic as soon as your PDO thread treatment has been completed. You may experience mild discomfort or swelling after the procedure, so we recommend taking over the counter painkillers, if needed, to ease any discomfort. You may want to take the rest of the day off work as you may have some swelling, although this may not always be the case.


High quality aftercare is at the heart of what we do, so we’re here to support you.

During your consultation, our fully qualified practitioners will assess your skin concerns and provide PDO threads aftercare advice, as well as recommendations for ongoing treatments. We advise that you avoid wearing make up for the first 12 hours after your procedure and that you sleep sitting upwards for the first 5 nights after treatment to avoid rolling onto your face. We also advise you to avoid extreme facial expressions and any facial treatments for 2 weeks post-treatment to allow the threads to settle into the skin correctly. You should also avoid extreme temperatures, as they may cause irritation.

If you have any questions or concerns at all after leaving the clinic, you can contact our 24/7 helpline at any time.

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