Cool Laser Machine Treatment

Give your skin a new lease of life with the Cool Laser treatment! Targeting skin concerns like fine lines and deep wrinkles, all types of acne-scarring as well as general skin rejuvenation, it is a completely non-invasive treatment that will help to revitalise and refresh your skin.

What is the Cool Laser Treatment?

Treatment with the Cool Laser can deliver clinically significant results lasting up to 1 year. It will not only eliminate those unwanted skin conditions and signs of ageing, quickly and efficiently, but also by using a series of light pulses, it kickstarts the process of developing new collagen. This also stimulates cell repair, making your unwanted skin concern a thing of the past and leaving you with totally transformed youthful, beautiful skin.

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Cool Laser Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Cool Laser FAQ

Cool Laser works by using pulsations of laser light that is short duration and only targets the water within the layers of the skin, meaning other skin tissue is unharmed and not burnt or heated. The light pulses vaporise the water in the skin. This will cause a peeling of your superficial skin layers to reveal smoother skin. The heat also triggers collagen growth to give the skin a long-lasting smoother and more youthful appearance over time.

For skin rejuvenation, the sensation is similar to mild sunburn and is not invasive at all. The downtime is also 1-2 days so you should not feel too much discomfort. A local anesthetic may be used in sensitive areas, although many patients find this unnecessary. For cool laser scarring and stretchmarks treatments, the pulse is moved across the area being treated and feels similar to the symptoms mentioned above. For cool laser skin tag removal, the laser pulse is more focused, and this would be done with a local anesthetic.

Cool Laser can be used as a treatment for the following skin conditions: • Skin rejuvenation • Fine lines and deep wrinkles • Dark undereye circles • Pigmentation spots and freckles • Acne scarring • Sun-damaged and aged skin • Skin tag removal

This depends on the area being treated with Cool Laser. If you are looking for mole and skin tag removal treatment, this should be a single treatment. Whereas scars and stretch marks may require up to 5 repeat treatments. Skin rejuvenation and eye treatments may require 1-3 treatments depending on your skin condition. Treatments are typically 4-6 weeks apart in order to allow the skin to heal.

Cool Laser treatment is suitable for people with mild to moderate skin wrinkling and laxity. Unlike some other laser treatments, the Cool Laser treatment can be used on all skin types.

All of our medical aesthetics and skin treatments here at Transform are carried out by appropriately trained practitioners who have been performing treatments for many years. The Cool Laser treatment itself is considered much safer than other forms of laser treatment as it only targets the water in the skin.

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More details on Cool Laser treatment

How does Cool Laser work?

The Cool Laser machine uses pulses of laser light that targets water within the layers of the skin, the pulse heats the water in the skin and vaporises it. The heat triggers a healing response in the deeper layer of the skin which boosts collagen growth, to give the skin a smoother appearance over a longer period. The fact that the light pulses only target water means that it does not heat the skin as much as other types of lasers might.

What conditions can Cool Laser treatment?

The Cool Laser treatment can help to treat skin concerns and signs of ageing quickly and effectively. Conditions that the Cool Laser can treat include fine lines and deep wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damaged and aged skin, dark circles, pigmentation spots and freckles as well as skin tag removal.

Why Choose Cool Laser?

Whilst targeting individual skin conditions and concerns, the Cool Laser also starts the process of developing new collagen and stimulates cell repair which renews and refreshes the appearance of the skin.

What’s even better about the Cool Laser treatment is that it is completely colour blind and can be used on all skin types. The effectiveness of the treatment is in no way affected by skin tone or colour and is specifically targeted based on your skin concerns and personal needs.

We also offer the Hollywood Peel with the Cool Laser which is a complete skin rehab and is loved by many celebrities and bloggers as a full skin refresh and rejuvenation treatment.

It’s often referred to as a lunchtime treatment as it only takes 30 minutes with the downtime of just 1-2 days – this is the perfect pick-me-up before an event or special occasion.

Revitalise your skin and say goodbye to dull, lacklustre skin with the Cool Laser!

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