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If you’re fit, active and eat well, but still cannot shake off stubborn areas of fat on specific areas of your body, Vaser liposuction may be for you.

Surgical Vaser lipo uses ultrasound technology to deliver targeted vibrations to your unwanted fat cells while your comfort is controlled by a general anaesthetic. These vibrations cause the fat cells to break down, at which point a specialist practitioner can quickly and efficiently remove the fat from your body.

The whole process is designed to be less invasive and less impactful to the body’s tissue than traditional liposuction. In fact, with most Vaser lipo treatments you can leave the clinic on the same day as your procedure, so you don’t have to worry about preparing for an overnight stay.

There is also less bruising and swelling from the initial surgery and, as a result, there is also a shorter recovery time. And if you then maintain an active lifestyle and balanced diet after your procedure, your results will be optimised and may last a lot longer.

Here at Transform, our team guides thousands of women and men each year through their Vaser lipo journeys. Get in touch and start your journey by calling us on 0330 053 9115.

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The minimum age for any consultation and a surgical procedure is 18. It is not possible to proceed with treatment if you become pregnant.

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If you prefer to spread the cost of your surgery, you can pay a deposit of just £500 and choose either 12 monthly interest-free payments or loan repayments over two to five years.

What are the advantages of surgical Vaser Lipo?

Surgical Vaser lipo (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) has many advantages over traditional liposuction.

  • Several areas can be treated in one operation
  • It involves a relatively quick procedure, lasting between one and three hours
  • For most patients, there is no need for an overnight stay – you can go home on the same day as your procedure
  • Because the impact to your body’s tissue is less than with traditional liposuction, your recovery period is also shorter, so you could be back at work in just a few days
  • Traditional liposuction requires patients to wear compression garments for six months after the procedure; with Vaser lipo, that period can be as little as two weeks
  • The small scars, which are just a few millimetres in length, generally fade in a few months
  • On average, Vaser lipo costs less than traditional liposuction

Why choose Transform for your Vaser lipo procedure?

Lots of cosmetic surgery providers offer liposuction treatments, but few offer the breadth of experience and personalised treatment plans that you get from Transform’s skilled team.

Each of our surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and practitioners has trained for years. Most have decades of experience at the highest level of cosmetic surgery and we consistently complete tens of thousands of procedures each year.

With Transform, it’s not just our staff that are first-rate: so, too, is our extensive range of facilities. We have 19 specialist clinics and three dedicated hospitals across the UK, with each one providing a comfortable and calming environment for all patients, whatever their treatment or length of stay.

More than 95% of our patients say their experience with Transform is either good or excellent. With Transform, you know you are in safe hands.

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Where can I have my surgical Vaser lipo treatment?

Surgical Vaser lipo is available at several Transform clinics and hospitals around the UK. These include:

Nottingham Clinic

21 The Triangle
NG2 Business Park

t: 01159341800

The Pines Hospital, Manchester

The Pines Hospital
192 Altrincham Road
M22 4RZ

t: 01614952400

Surgical Vaser lipo FAQ's

More Surgical Vaser lipo FAQ's

Choosing to have surgical Vaser lipo is a big decision, so at Transform we take away the headache by providing a friendly, relaxed and simple process built around your treatment and recovery. The first step is to meet one of our trained patient advisors. In this meeting you’ll have the chance to discuss why you might want surgical Vaser lipo, what’s involved, what your recovery might look like, and how much it might cost. If you decide you’d like to find out more, you’ll then enjoy a free consultation with one of our surgeons. Here, you’ll get a full understanding of the procedure, with the benefits and risks outlined in full by one of the country’s leading Vaser lipo practitioners. And if you decide that you don’t want the procedure, that’s fine – you won’t be charged a penny. If you do choose to book your surgical Vaser lipo procedure, we’ll arrange a time for you to pop in and see one of our clinic nurses for some pre-op tests and procedures. You’ll next visit us on the day of your procedure, when you can talk with your surgeon before the operation and meet the time who’ll look after you during your general anaesthetic. Once the procedure is done, you’ll be given information about your recovery – including details about compression garments and when you can return to work. You’ll normally be able to go home on the same day as your procedure. As a Transform patient, you’ll have automatic access to our three-year aftercare programme. There’s also a helpline available 24/7, so you can always get answers to any questions or concerns. Finally, a later follow-up appointment will give you and your surgeon the chance to check that your recovery is on track.


In general, you will need much less time to recover from surgical Vaser lipo than you would for a traditional liposuction treatment. Most patients can return home on the same day of their treatment and will be back in work within a few days (with conventional liposuction, it is recommended that you take two weeks off work). You will also need to wear a compression garment. But like with your return to work, it will be a much quicker process than conventional liposuction. Instead of wearing the compression garment for six months, with Vaser lipo you’ll normally need it for just two to six weeks.