Mole & cyst removal

Moles, cysts, skin-tags and lesions are common abnormalities that can be a source of embarrassment or irritation for some people. If you decide that you would like them to be removed we can carry out a simple procedure designed to remove them once and for all. Almost all common lesions are benign, however if you have a mole, cyst, skin-tag or lesion that we suspect may not be benign, we would not remove it and would refer you to your doctor.

Mole and cyst removal at a glance

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The different types of non-benign, skin abnormalities we are able to treat include:

Skin abnormalityDescription
Moles Brown or black growths on the skin. As the years pass, moles usually change shape, colour or become raised.
Cysts Sacs filled with fluid or semi-fluid material. These can develop in various places on the body.
Skin tags Small protruding pieces of skin, that can grow in the groin area, armpits, neck and eyelids.
Skin lesions Surface growths or patches of the skin that don’t resemble the skin around it.
Lenitgines Small dark spots on the skin that can be a genetic condition caused by excessive radiation or sun exposure.

What it involves

Mole, cyst, lesion and skin tag removals are outpatient procedures that we can usually carry out in our clinics. First a dermatologist will carefully remove the mole, cyst, lesion or skin tag then send it for analysis. This is to ensure there are no abnormal cells. Next, one of our highly skilled doctors will then complete the procedure by inserting tiny stitches. To treat lentigines we can use cryotherapy, laser surgery or skin creams.

How long will it take and after your treatment?

The procedure generally takes around 20 minutes dependent on how many moles, cysts, skin tag or lesions that need to be removed. After your mole removal treatment you will be free to go home.

The results

After we have removed a mole, cyst, skin-tag or lesion it may leave a small scar, however this should fade in time*.

*Non surgical treatment results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, Transform cannot guarantee specific results*.

Mole Removal Cost

The cost of the procedure depends on the affected area and your skin. As a guide, the removal of one mole usually costs from £490.

Book an appointment

To find out more you can book a free appointment with one of our Patient Care Co-ordinators. You will then be able to have a free appointment with a dermatologist or doctor to discuss your mole or cyst removal.

If you’ve had a non-surgical treatment with us before and would like to book another appointment, you can now use the My Transform online booking service.