Loyalty Terms and Conditions

For Me terms & conditions

1. The For Me Card scheme is promoted by Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group – TFHC Ltd,192 Altrincham Road, Manchester M22 4RZ, registered in England & Wales, number 3228476

2. The scheme is open to participation for our existing non-surgical customers and anyone wishing to become a non-surgical customer who registers their details with us.

3. The scheme enables you to collect rewards from the purchase of non-surgical goods and treatments at Transform clinics and redeem them against other non-surgical goods and treatments in our clinics.

4. For every £10 you spend you will receive £1 in loyalty rewards which can be used towards future treatments.

5. All For Me Cards belong to TFHC

6. The Transform For Me Card scheme is valid only in Transform clinics in the UK.

7. You must be 18 years of age or over to apply for and use a Transform For Me card.

8. We do not issue additional cards on your account.

9. We can take any action we consider appropriate if we have good reason to believe that you are abusing the scheme, including with holding rewards previously credited to your account.

10. Transform can cancel the scheme or any individual card account at any time if circumstances make this unavoidable.

11. We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of the scheme if, in the promoter’s judgement, circumstances make this necessary. We will always give notice of changes and, in particular, we will display notices in clinic etc.

12. DATA PROTECTION. We will never give your personal details to anyone outside Transform without your consent. We will analyse your purchase history to provide you with relevant and personalised offers and information and advice.

13. You will receive rewards for your card when you make qualifying purchases on treatments and products at the rate displayed (and from time to time changed) in Transform clinics and on www.transforminglives.co.uk.

14. You will receive £30 in loyalty rewards when you join For Me. This is a one time bonus and will not be repeated should you choose to leave and rejoin the scheme.

15. From time to time the number of rewards issued may vary between qualifying purchases for promotional purchases.

16. From time to time it may also be possible to accumulate rewards through means other than purchase of treatments (e.g. referring a friend / taking part in a case study). We will endeavour to advise you of these, but they will also be published on our website.

17. The scheme is expressly set-up for the transaction of non-surgical treatments and products. No rewards will be accumulated on your card as a result of undertaking any surgical procedure – except in circumstances where at our discretion we deem appropriate. Varicose veins, Ultherapy and dental treatments are excluded from the scheme meaning no loyalty rewards will be given.

18. Rewards will usually be added to your card account instantaneously at the time you buy treatments or products from us. You must present your card to your Patient Care Co-ordinator when booking / prior to undergoing your treatment in order for rewards to be credited.

19. No rewards can be added for any treatments booked or already in progress at the time of joining.

20. For each transaction you make that accumulates rewards you will have a period of 24 months to redeem them. Should you not have done so within that timeframe, they will be deducted from your rewards balance.

21. If your card is lost, stolen or destroyed we will issue a new one and your rewards balance will be unaffected.

22. You cannot make a partial payment towards a treatment, product, or course of treatments using accrued rewards, unless communicated otherwise by Transform. You must have the requisite number of rewards to redeem them against the treatments or products you choose. Once you choose and book a treatment, the corresponding number of rewards will be deducted from your balance.

23. You cannot redeem your rewards against any cosmetic surgical procedure with Transform. The scheme is strictly for non-surgical treatments or skincare products retailed in Transform clinics.

24. Transform reserves the right to substitute or remove products and treatments at any time.

25. You can only spend your accrued rewards in consultation with your Transform non-surgical Co-ordinator who will advise you if the treatment(s) or products you choose are appropriate to your circumstances and medical / case history. Rewards are only redeemable at point of sale in a Transform clinic. Find clinic locations.

26. Your card rewards cannot be exchanged for cash in whole or in part.

27. If you decide to cancel a course of treatments or return a product (bought as a normal monetary transaction), any rewards accrued from the treatment will be deducted from your next statement.

28. If you buy a course of treatments using rewards you have accrued and cancel the course after the first treatment, we will re-credit your account with a pro-rata number of rewards. No cash refund will be given in these circumstances.

29. Loyalty rewards will not be awarded for any purchases made, if financed with interest-free credit from any of the finance providers Transform partners with. 

30. Standard terms and conditions apply.