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Mamuna Arshad

Mamuna Arshad


For the past 10 years, Mamuna has been committed to making every non-surgical experience a success by using the most advanced treatments and techniques within Transform.

Mamuna is a licensed skin care expert, laser technician and CoolSculpting specialist. As an expert; her years of education, training, and experience in Aesthetics will allow her to tailor her approach to her customers on an individual basis.

Her no-nonsense approach and sound knowledge of non-surgical procedures have gained trust with both customers and industry professionals.

As a Patient Advisor and Medical Aesthetician, Mamuna can offer a full and comprehensive consultation, treatment and aftercare programme on various aesthetic/non-surgical procedures, which include CoolSculpting (Fat Freezing), line & wrinkle smoothing, Microneedling, lasers and a variety of skin treatments including chemical peels. She will further advise on pre and post-treatment care as well as discussing the benefits and risks involved with individual treatment options.

With 17 years of clinical experience, she continues to assist Cosmetic Consultants and Nurse Practitioners by providing additional care.  To ensure best clinical practice, Mamuna liaises with GPs and other external health professionals to support the needs of the customer whilst maintaining their confidentiality and privacy to deliver safe treatments.

Mamuna has continued with her professional development to stay current with up-to-date practices and new developments within the Aesthetic industry.

With regular updates on current topics, she continues to expand and progress in obtaining global recognition for her work in Aesthetics. More recently, Mamuna has extended her know-how and filmed promo videos to inform and educate on the advances within Aesthetics.

Over the years, she has organised many non-surgical and cosmetic surgery events and has led internal and external presentations, which included practical demonstrations of various Aesthetic procedures to teach and inform on the advanced methods used.

With her professional manner and ease, Mamuna uses an advanced and unique approach that favours a more empathetic pathway. She has also adapted her skills and experience, to the requirements of various professions and fields, giving her a well-rounded outlook.

Mamuna Arshad has been granted 'practising privileges' to perform the following procedures for The Hospital Group:
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