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Amber Hazel-Heath’s Story

Breast enlargement Breast uplift

Amber Hazel-Heath, 23, had a breast augmentation with modified mastopexy at Transform. She first considered having surgery when she was around 16 years old for the simple reason that she really didn’t like her breasts.”For me, my breasts had always been a massive personal issue. So, when I finally finished university and could afford to have it done, I just booked a consultation one day and had it done within three months of my consultation date. I did discuss the surgery with my mum and dad and, because they always knew my breasts were an issue for me, they were very supportive of my decision.

“I chose Transform to have my surgery because I knew they’d been around for many years. I also knew a lady who used to work for them and a few of my mum’s friends had had surgery there, so Transform was highly recommended.

My first consultation at Transform was lovely, the staff were welcoming and I was given an enormous amount of information on the procedure and any possible complications.

The consultation with my surgeon went really well. After the assessment, he gave me several different options of what would suit me the best. I had it in my head I just needed a breast enlargement when, in fact, I needed more, which was fabulous for me. I was asked if there was a time frame I wanted it done, said ‘as soon as possible’ and I got in within three months.

Before I had my surgery I genuinely had no self-confidence whatsoever. I would never get undressed in front of my boyfriend. Doing quick changes at the side of the stage when I danced, I’d face corners. I genuinely wouldn’t let anyone see and even in my surgeon’s consultation I had a little meltdown about having to expose myself.

The surgery has genuinely changed my confidence completely. I’m not afraid to get undressed in front of my boyfriend, my mum, or my friends. I can wear what I want now, without worrying or ‘do I look funny in this?’ or ‘does it suit me?’ Now, the majority of things look amazing and I feel amazing.

If you’re genuinely considering surgery and it’s a part of your body that really does get you down, I would advise a million per cent to go ahead and do it, because you could feel like a completely different person when you’ve had surgery. I can’t begin to explain how different it genuinely makes you feel, and it’s so worth it.

I would a million per cent recommend Transform. Right from my consultation, booking online, someone ringing me, to my first consultation, meeting my surgeon and even my day at the hospital, everything ran so smoothly. And I got what I wanted in the end and I really couldn’t be any happier.”


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