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Anna's story

Anna's story

Nose surgery

"I grew up a happy and carefree child, but all this changed when I hit my teens. At the age of 13 one of my closest friends asked me if I had broken my nose. I hadn’t, I just unfortunately had a large lump right in the centre of the bridge of my nose. Up until that day, I hadn’t realised how noticeable it was and from then on I became very self-conscious and my confidence completely dropped.

It wasn’t just my physical appearance that was the problem though, as low self-esteem stopped me from doing things that other people took for granted – I hated being in photos and looking in mirrors, I even shied away from jobs which involved working with lots of people, or in public.

I did however meet a man who loved me. I met my now husband James, over 10 years ago. He would tell me how beautiful I was, but I would reject his compliments and tell him I didn’t believe them and this put a huge strain on our relationship.

One evening we watched a documentary about cosmetic surgery. I connected and identified so much with the people in the programme and James was astonished to hear other people talking about themselves like I had for all those years. This was a huge turning point for me. I saw how cosmetic surgery had changed these people’s lives and I felt certain it was the right answer for me. We agreed that this would be a very special Christmas present and, even more exciting, it would all be done in time for the biggest day of my life – my wedding day.

I contacted and visited three cosmetic surgery companies and decided to go with Transform. My surgeon understood exactly what I wanted doing and why and we worked together to achieve the best possible natural outcome.

Once I had got used to my new nose, I realised another huge difference - my confidence and personality. People were very supportive, full of praise for how I looked, commented on how I held myself differently and how positive I seemed.

More importantly, I had the perfect nose for the perfect wedding to the perfect man. I couldn’t be happier."

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Meet Anna's surgeon

Mr Bhatty is a UK trained cosmetic surgeon. He has worked as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon both in the NHS and abroad and comes with vast experience. For those patients who are apprehensive of undergoing cosmetic procedures under general anaesthesia, Mr Bhatty offers a wide variety of cosmetic procedures under local anaesthesia/sedation. 

Mr Bhatty worked as a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Pakistan for several years; now he works as one of Transform's leading surgeons in the UK.