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Carole’s Story

Breast enlargement

“I was always unhappy with my breasts because I thought they were too small. Feeling womanly (or not, as the case was) played on my mind constantly.

When my boyfriend proposed to me, one of my first thoughts was the dress I would get. I had a strapless style in mind for mine, and couldn’t wait to get trying them on. My excitement didn’t last for long. My breasts were so small, the strapless dresses I liked didn’t suit and I just felt like I was settling for a dress that was second best.

Walking down the aisle in a dress I wasn’t 100% happy with did nothing for my confidence levels. It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, and I was consumed with feeling so unhappy with myself, that it was ruined for me. That was when I knew I had to do something about it.

I did a lot of research into breast augmentation surgery and decided to have it done in time for my friend’s wedding. I had been asked to be a bridesmaid, and I felt like it was a second chance to relive my wedding day all over again.

My main fear in the run up was that I wouldn’t like my body shape even after having major surgery – I was at my lowest point and knew this was the only chance I had to shake off those insecurities.

Now I wouldn’t change them for anything; the procedure has completely changed my life. If anyone is considering having cosmetic surgery I would say, if it’s what you want and it improves your self-confidence, then it’s money well spent.”

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