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Courtney Dilks’s Story

Breast enlargement

Courtney Dilks, 23, decided she wanted to have a breast enlargement because her boobs hadn’t grown since she was 16. They were small compared to her friends and, despite hoping they would grow as she got older, they didn’t.”I was so self-conscious and didn’t feel womanly at all. Even just looking in the mirror without a top on would have me in tears. I hated wearing bikinis and there were so many clothes I wanted to wear, but couldn’t. Push-up bras were my go-to for years, but by the time I was 21 I was sick of them and started thinking about surgery.

“A friend of mine had had a breast augmentation with Transform a couple of years earlier. She told me about her experience and 100% recommended them. I spoke to my mum about it and she was surprisingly supportive and helped me do some research into a few companies.

My first appointment was with a lady called Sam, who was amazing. She let me talk about why I wanted the surgery and didn’t push me into anything. She gave me advice and facts on three different surgeons and told me all the information I needed to know. After further research, I chose to go with Dr Clarke at the Manchester hospital, as he seemed like the best surgeon for me and had the right experience.

My next appointment was a few months later and I finally met Dr Clarke, who was really nice and made me feel at ease. He examined me and advised which size of implants would be right for my body. He suggested two ideal sizes that would be in proportion with my body. I was able to try bras on with the implants inside them to compare and get a feel of what size my new boobs would be. I then chose a date for my operation and at the end of my appointment I just burst into tears because I was so relieved that it was actually happening.

The day finally came and it was the most exciting but weirdest day of my life. I spent all day waiting for my operation and finally went down late afternoon. I was in around two hours and I remember waking up in recovery. The nurse pulled my gown down so I could see and I cried my eyes out. I finally had the boobs I’d always dreamed of. I had to stay in hospital overnight, it wasn’t the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had but it was never going to be! In the morning, I felt pretty rough from the anaesthetic but wasn’t in as much pain as I’d imagined.

My first week post-op was a strange one and I didn’t move from the sofa. Sleeping was difficult but after the second week, I found I could sleep on my side if I supported my boobs. A week later, I went back to the Transform clinic to have my stitches and dressings removed. This was such an exciting day and when I saw my scars I was overwhelmed. There was hardly anything there, just a fine line about two inches long either side.

My boobs were still very swollen and looked overly perky for a while but I knew over time they would look more natural. I wore a special surgery bra for about six to eight weeks, although I was desperate to go bra shopping and buy myself some new underwear. Overall my recovery went extremely well and I started to get back to normal after only a couple of weeks.

The results are simply amazing. My boobs look natural and feel like they have always been a part of me. Dr Clarke did an amazing job and I would recommend him to anyone who is considering having a boob job. I can’t thank him enough.

As I was so impressed with the service I received, I am now going ahead with rhinoplasty surgery. Having this operation has made me feel so much better inside and out, and I now have the confidence to do it again. I have found that you have to be strong and sometimes ignore other opinions as there are a lot of mixed views about having surgery, I didn’t let anyone talk me out of it and I did it for me.

Having a breast enlargement was the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel a million times more confident and have found a new love for my body. I never thought surgery was possible for me, but Transform showed me it was.”

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Meet Courtney Dilks’s Surgeon

Mr Clarke qualified in 1986, gained his FRCS in 1990 and completed five years’ specialist training in plastic surgery before becoming a Locum Consultant in 1994.

Mr Clarke has practised as an independent cosmetic surgeon since 1996 and has therefore gained considerable experience in the range of procedures that he provides.

Mr Clarke

Mr Clarke qualified in 1986, gained his FRCS in 1990 and completed five years’ specialist training in plastic surgery before becoming a Locum Consultant in 1994.

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