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Farah's story

Farah's story

Hair removal

Farah had laser hair removal treatment with Transform. From a very young age, she began to realise that the hair on her face seemed more noticeable than other people in her class at school. It made her feel self-conscious and less girly than some of her friends. “I’d always had a keen interest in fashion and beauty, but the only thing that bothered me were the fine hairs on the side of my face. I had tried bleaching them but the blonde hairs were nearly as noticeable, so it was time to look for a more permanent option.

“When I first looked into the idea of laser hair removal, I carefully researched various providers that offered the procedure – but sadly none of them catered for my skin type. After months of searching, I looked into Transform and found that they had lasers suitable for my skin type.

I went to great lengths to make sure I had all the information I needed and I spoke to my family who reassured me and supported me, as they understood how this was impacting on my life.

After six sessions over 12 months, the difference was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe my eyes. All my facial hair had completely disappeared and I feel like a new person – I feel great, I feel confident.

I now walk with a spring in my step and feel confident to style my hair and dress in new ways. That feeling is priceless. I haven’t looked back since taking the decision to turn my life around, and I now feel happier in myself.”

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Ms Hadden qualified in 1988 and obtained her FRCS in 1995. From 1992 - 1999, Ms Hadden's training was focused on plastic surgery at various locations.

Since 1999 Ms Hadden has practised cosmetic surgery in the independent sector and has gained considerable experience in the range of procedures that she provides.