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Ian’s Story

Chest reduction

“As a teenager, I was bullied for being skinny, having bad skin and bad hair, so I didn’t feel like I had much going for me. The bullying badly affected my confidence, so I decided to start lifting weights.

“By the age of 19 I had bulked out and was starting to feel better about myself. However I noticed I had excess fat on my chest, which just wouldn’t go away no matter how much I exercised.

I became very self-conscious and I started to get bullied again at the gym. I thought I had escaped the schoolyard taunts but even as an adult I was being tormented – this time about my ‘moobs’. I tried everything I could to try and disguise my chest, from taping my nipples down, avoiding wearing light coloured tops, wearing two t-shirts at once or a vest and a t-shirt and I would definitely never go topless in public.

It was a nightmare on holiday, as I would only take my top off if I was lying on my back or front, or I was in the sea. I felt horrendous about myself and every day was a constant battle.

I started looking into it and discovered it was actually a medical condition termed gynaecomastia. Once I discovered this, I knew I could finally get something done about it.

I had an appointment with a surgeon at Transform and decided that gynaecomastia surgery was the right treatment for me. I had ‘Pseudo gynaecomastia’, which meant I needed to have liposuction on my chest to remove the excess fat.

The procedure was a success and I am really pleased with the results. I know it sounds like a clich but the surgery has completely changed my life and I now feel like a different person. I have so much more confidence in my body and myself in general. As well as changing my physical appearance, it has helped my career too; after the procedure I had the confidence to pursue my dream of writing music and DJing at nightclubs. My life is completely different now and I’m loving every minute of it.”

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