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Jon, 53, from Solihull in the West Midlands, had abdominoplasty and a chest reduction. He first considered having treatment in 2013 after losing 25 kilos of bodyweight, but he wasn’t achieving the body shape that he hoped for, despite following a healthy diet and doing regular exercise.”I couldn’t achieve the body shape that I desired so I researched cosmetic surgery on the Internet and found Transform. I made an appointment to go and see one of their advisers who told me about the procedures they could do for me and she arranged for a consultation with the surgeon.

“During my consultation with the surgeon, he explained to me that the operation I would need would be an abdominoplasty and a chest reduction, to remove the excess skin and also the stubborn fat areas that were proving difficult to get rid of.

I discussed the options that the surgeon gave me with my wife, who was sceptical at first. But she was understanding that after the hard work I’d put in to lose the weight, it was time that I rewarded myself by getting the body shape I wanted, which would give me more confidence.

If anybody is in my position where they’ve put the hard work in, and lost the weight that they wanted to lose but can’t achieve the body shape that they want, I would advise them to go and see Transform and see what they can do. The results for me have been amazing.

The biggest difference since having the operation is that it’s given me more self-esteem and more confidence. Instead of being the person who stands at the back of a photograph, you now want to stand at the front and show off what you’ve achieved over the four years it’s taken me to reach where I am today.”

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