Karl Barks Karl Barks

Karl Barks

24, Chesterfield

Hair transplant

Patient story #7 Karl

“It has made me much more confident and happier about myself.”

How we helped Karl

When I was just 16, my hairline began to recede.

I tried everything, from styling products to make my hair look thicker, to different hairstyles and partings. Nothing worked. Friends teased me and while I knew this was only friendly banter it still affected me.

I stopped going out and socialising and my confidence was non-existent. I felt there was nothing I could do and I wore a hat everyday. I even slept in it when I stayed over at friends’ houses, which was not very often as I was so self-conscious.

In 2011, I began to research and experiment with different products to try to help my hair grow back. They did improve my hair growth a little, but nowhere near enough to change how I felt. I had looked into hair transplants and decided this was the route I wanted to explore.

Time to take action…

My mum recommended Transform to me as she had used the cosmetic surgery group to correct her PIP implants and she was really impressed with the service and quality of treatment at the clinic.

As soon as I had my first appointment, I felt much more positive and knew almost instantly that they would be able to help me with my problem.

I thought about the procedure for a good six months after that. I watched clips on the internet to make sure I really knew what was involved and went over lots of questions in my head: would the scar be noticeable? What would the recovery be like and how much pain would I be in? How long would it take so really see an improvement?

After taking all of this into consideration I decided to go ahead with the surgery. Altogether I had 2,500 grafts on my head, but I didn’t feel a thing during the operation thanks to the injections I had to numb the area.

I know it is a long process but I’ve noticed a difference already. As well as having more hair on my head, it has made me much more confident and happier about myself.* I still get teased a bit, but this time it’s the lads at football who call me Wayne Rooney, which is no bad thing as he’s one of my football heroes!

Now, I feel as though I have got control back over my life. I no longer feel unhappy about how I look and am confident that, over time, my hair will grow even more.*

*Cosmetic surgery results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, Transform cannot guarantee specific results.

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