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Lauren Counsell's story

Lauren Counsell's story

Breast enlargement

Lauren Counsell, 24, first decided to have a boob job about four years ago after the birth of her daughter. Before that, she’d been happy with the appearance of her boobs, but after breastfeeding she felt that they had ‘disappeared’. “I told all my family that I was going to get it done. At first they were a bit sceptical, but then my mum was completely supportive and agreed that it would help my confidence. When I decided to go ahead with it, I looked online at all the different options and spoke to friends and family.

“Some of my mum’s friends have had breast surgery and they all went to Transform, and I’ve got a couple of friends who had gone elsewhere. So I did my research and Transform just stood out to me because of the aftercare they provide and how helpful they were on the phone when I rang up.

I told them I really wanted to come and they said they could get me in that week to talk to somebody about my options. After I saw the advisor, I made an appointment to see the surgeon, and he went through all the different styles and sizes of implants. He gave me a bra so I could put them in and see what it would look like with that implant. Then he measured me to see what I could actually have and he advised me to have it placed under the muscle because I didn’t have enough breast tissue to cover the implant if it went over the top.

I would definitely recommend Transform as a company because, for me, their aftercare is really amazing. They’ve got people on call there all the time if you have any issues.

Now I’ve had my surgery, I just feel so much more confident in myself. All the clothes I wear just seem to fit better and people always compliment me on how they don’t look fake and they look really natural. It’s just made me happier in myself and everyone says I’ve got a bigger smile on my face.”

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Meet Lauren Counsell's surgeon

Ms Hadden qualified in 1988 and obtained her FRCS in 1995. From 1992 - 1999, Ms Hadden's training was focused on plastic surgery at various locations.

Since 1999 Ms Hadden has practised cosmetic surgery in the independent sector and has gained considerable experience in the range of procedures that she provides.