Lorraine Adams Lorraine Adams

Lorraine Adams

42, Derbyshire


Patient story #6 Lorraine

“The procedure has allowed me to finally Iove my body.”

How we helped Lorraine

After getting in to a really good gym routine of going five times a week, I started to see some great results as my body toned up. Annoyingly though, I still had a couple of stubborn areas of fat on my legs, which I just couldn’t get rid of no matter how much exercise I did.

It sounds silly but it was made worse by the fact I was quite toned everywhere else, but after all the hard work I’d done, I was reluctant to stop exercising.

Bikini hell…

The tops of my thighs were in such a bad state; it made me feel very self-conscious. Going on holiday and getting into a bikini was a battle - I just couldn’t get past those fatty areas on my legs, so much so that I stopped enjoying holidays as I had to avoid wearing my bikini.

I decided I wanted liposuction to rectify the problem, and decided to go with Transform after having a successful breast augmentation with them in 2009. I had such an amazing experience with Transform and felt more than comfortable going back there.

Bikini heaven…

Two months after surgery my legs still felt a bit tender but the amazing results outweighed the small amount of pain, and the great news was I was back to the gym in a matter of weeks.*

I’m going on holiday to Cyprus with some of my girl friends this year and I can’t wait to show off my legs in a bikini.

The procedure has allowed me to finally Iove my body and I would recommend it to anyone if they are as unhappy and uncomfortable with the way they look as I was.*

*Cosmetic surgery results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, Transform cannot guarantee specific results.

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