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Michelle Foran's story

Michelle Foran's story

Breast enlargement

"I’ve had very small breasts all my life, and had always felt self-conscious about the size of my chest. I became aware of how clothes fitted me compared to my friends and it would really get me down. I used to get really upset when I was shopping as nothing ever looked right, and I’d refuse to get changed in front of any of my friends.

"When I was pregnant with my first child my breasts grew to a DD, which I loved, but they soon shrank back to their original A cup. This caused stretch marks and a lot of excess skin and I ended up in an even worse situation than I had been. My breasts were not only small but very un-shapely. So much so that I wouldn’t do anything that showed off my body like going swimming or sunbathing on holiday.

I had always wanted a breast augmentation during my 20s but financially wasn’t in the position to do so. After discussing it with my husband, I decided to take the plunge and get it done.

Once my appointment for surgery had come through, I had no nerves at all, just pure excitement. The night before surgery, I didn’t sleep at all as I was looking forward to the final result so much – I knew it was going to empower me, and change my whole outlook on life.

Once I had completely healed, I was thrilled with the result.* My family was so supportive of the procedure. They knew how I had felt about the size of my breasts, and how much it had held me back…

Surgery was a way of doing something for me. It really has changed how I feel about my life, and how I interact with my friends and family."

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Meet Michelle Foran's surgeon

Mr Meleagros qualified in medicine in 1978 and obtained his FRCS in 1984, he completed his accreditation for higher surgical training in 1993.

Mr Meleagros is currently employed as a Consultant General Surgeon in the NHS as well as working within the private sector. He is on the specialist register for general surgery.