Rebecca Pryce Rebecca Pryce

Rebecca Pryce

24, South Yorkshire

Breast augmentation

Patient story #1 Rebecca

“I now feel perfectly in proportion and love the way clothes hug and flatter my curves.”

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How we helped Rebecca

I’ve always had a very petite frame but as size 6 and completely flat-chested, I looked more like a young school boy than a woman in her twenties.

No clothes ever looked good on me or fitted properly. I constantly rejected fitted fabrics and low necklines in favour of baggy, oversized clothes to disguise my chest. I wouldn’t even take my top off in front of my girlfriends.

I always wore padded bras and ‘chicken fillets’, which were also the cause of much embarrassment on several occasions when they proved to be less than discreet.

The right decision

I saved for four long years to have enough money for a breast enlargement, denying myself of many treats until finally, for my 24th birthday, I treated myself. It was the best present I have ever received and what made it all the more special was that it was something I had made happen just for me.

People say they understand how it feels, but it’s difficult to really know unless you have experienced it. At Transform I didn’t have to hide anymore or feel embarrassed, finally someone understood exactly what I was going through.

Of course it hasn’t changed me as a person or my personality in any way, I’m still me, but it has completely transformed how I feel about myself on the inside, how I hold and present myself on the outside and my ability to feel completely comfortable and intimate with partners.*

This has also been a turning point for me in how I treat and respect my body. I now feel perfectly in proportion* and love the way clothes hug and flatter my curves. I am so proud I tell everyone who will listen and walk around with my head held high.

*Cosmetic surgery results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, Transform cannot guarantee specific results.


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