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Sarah Hattley's story

Sarah Hattley's story

Nose surgery

"After I started secondary school, I became very aware of the shape of my nose. It was slightly crooked from the front, but the worst bit was how the bump on the bridge looked from the side. Even if I hadn’t have been aware of how unsightly it looked, it sadly wouldn’t have taken too long for someone else to draw my attention to it.

"From the age of 13, I had to hear the most cruel things being said – and what’s worse, so many were to my face. The kids at my school would make horrible comments in the playground and in the corridor, and it got so bad that I would dread going to school, simply because I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I didn’t even want to hang around with friends my own age, because I knew they’d end up saying something. I only wanted to be with my family, because it was here I felt safe, and protected from people being cruel.

After many lost years of losing out on opportunities and relationships due to a lack of confidence, I finally decided to take back the control I’d lost. I was sick of not living my life, and so when I was 30 I explored all the options available to undergo surgery, after speaking to a colleague who had gone through the same thing.

I had an appointment with Transform and four months later decided to go ahead with the procedure. I was naturally nervous about the operation itself, and how it would turn out, but now it’s done I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done and money well spent!

My friends and family have noticed the change too and how much happier I am in myself. I’m a totally different person now, and the smile on my face says a lot."

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