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Sheli’s Story

Breast enlargement

“I’ve always been an energetic, athletic person and as a child played all different types of sport. Horse-riding, playing hockey and rugby, or swimming and dancing – I did it all.

“Being sporty certainly has its benefits in terms of keeping fit and healthy, but it didn’t do anything to help my breast development. Playing so much sport may have made my body muscly and curvy in the bum and legs area – just not my upper half.

I simply didn’t feel like a girl and throughout my teens, as I waited for the upper body curves to develop, I gradually had to accept that a well-proportioned figure was just not in my future. As a result I felt so boyish that I stayed in my gym gear constantly and normal teenage activities like going shopping on Saturdays fell by the wayside, as I hated trying on clothes.

I began researching the breast augmentation procedure properly, including costs and practices. I spent five years doing this before I actually had my mind set on having the surgery. I decided the procedure was right for me, and only then did I tell my mum, who was really supportive. The only thing left to decide was which cosmetic surgery provider to go with.

I talked to so many different companies all offering different prices. One of the main reasons I settled with Transform was the staff care and excellent facilities on offer.

The offer of a free appointment really set my mind at ease, as I knew I wouldn’t be obliged should I change my mind. My surgeon Dr Cri Cri was amazing. He had a manner about him that just inspired confidence. I wasn’t sure what size to go for, it’s all very strange trying to choose a cup size from holding an implant, so I put all my trust in him and let him decide which size was best for me. His knowledge and expertise gave me the confidence to go ahead with the surgery and I’ve never looked back.

People ask if I was nervous and I probably should have been, but I was so excited about the prospect of actually feeling like a well-proportioned girl, the surgery was incidental and now I have beautiful breasts that feel like they belong to my body. They are part of me and have changed everything about me. It has made me more confident in all areas of my life, especially my career. I still get on with the lads and I’m still massively into sports, but now I do those things while feeling like the woman I’m supposed to be.

It has made me more confident in all areas of my life, especially my career.”

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