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Vaginal tightening

Why consider vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is the surgical procedure which tightens the vaginal muscles, perineum and surrounding tissues. This should give more tone, strength and control to your vaginal muscles, and may enhance your sensitivity and sexual experience.

Your vaginal muscles may have lost tone as part of the ageing process, which can cause embarrassment and discomfort. The loss of sensitivity can affect sexual satisfaction for both yourself and your partner.

Many women also consider vaginal tightening after having children. During natural childbirth the vaginal muscles expand to form the birth canal for your baby. After several children, or sometimes after having a large baby or a difficult delivery, your vaginal muscles can be left loose and weak and surrounding tissues stretched and torn. Even after exercise, the condition of your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor may not improve.

If you are concerned about a loss of vaginal muscle tone, vaginal tightening is a safe corrective procedure that can be suitable for women at all stages of life.

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We appreciate that you may find talking about this subject embarrassing or uncomfortable. We can reassure you that our staff and surgeons have significant experience in vaginoplasty.

When you book a consultation you’ll meet with a fully trained, female Patient Care Co-ordinator. You’ll talk about the process, including approximate costs and what happens before and after your procedure. We’ll maintain your privacy at all times and you’ll be under no obligation to go ahead.

We’ll then invite you to meet one of our experienced vaginoplasty surgeons who will discuss the procedure in more detail with you. The focus will be on what you hope to achieve with vaginal tightening, and this is a chance to ask any questions. As you’ll be meeting with the surgeon who will perform your procedure, you needn’t feel embarrassed and can talk about any worries you might have. Some questions you might have could include:

  • Will I be able to have more children following vaginoplasty?
  • Will my partner or future partners be able to tell I’ve had vaginal tightening?
  • Will vaginoplasty affect clitoral sensation?
  • When can I resume my sex life?
  • What are the risks?

The procedure takes around an hour to perform and your surgeon will advise whether you’ll need a general or local anaesthetic. If you have a general anaesthetic, you may need to stay overnight in one of our Transform hospitals.

Your surgeon will join and shorten the stretched muscles at the back of your vagina with dissolvable stitches and remove any excess skin. This tightens the vaginal muscles and surrounding soft tissues, giving a decrease in the diameter of your vagina. Any scars will be internal and, whilst it’s important to have realistic expectations, you can expect your vagina to regain most of its pre-pregnancy tone.*

After surgery you’ll be sore but should be able to walk comfortably after a few days. We’d recommend taking a week off work to make a full recovery, and after 2-3 weeks you should be able to feel the results of your vaginal tightening.

You’ll have a post-op check-up to ensure that everything is healing properly, and your surgeon will advise when you’re able to resume sexual activity. 

*Cosmetic surgery results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, Transform cannot guarantee specific results.

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*Cosmetic surgery results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, Transform cannot guarantee specific results.

You’ll be in safe hands at every stage of the process with us, including all pre-operative care and your aftercare. Our step-by-step guide shows the journey from first consultation through to post-operative appointments. 

You’ll also be looked after by the same nurse and surgeon throughout your hospital stay who will ensure your comfort and privacy at all times. Before you leave hospital, we’ll give you our 24/7 patient helpline number if you need to speak to a member of our clinical team.

Due to the personal and individual nature of vaginoplasty we’ll only be able to give you the full price of your procedure following your surgical consultation. As a guide, our vaginoplasty prices start at £4700. 

We don’t want price to be a barrier to you achieving your aims through cosmetic surgery. That’s why we work in partnership with a specialist finance provider to offer loans and credit options so you can manage the cost of your procedure. Please see our cosmetic surgery finance page for more details. 

However, we understand that this very personal and important decision for you is about much more than price. That’s why we invite you to come and talk to us in absolute privacy. Book a free consultation to discuss vaginal tightening with vaginoplasty.

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