Q&A with Dr Netri

Vaser Liposuction – Q&A with Dr Netri

Dr Netri answers some of the most common questions about vaser liposuction.

1. What’s the difference between vaser and traditional liposuction

Vaser lipo uses sound waves to break down the fat before it is removed whereas the fat is manually broken down during a traditional lipo procedure.

Vaser lipo is also better for treating smaller areas such as chin, knees, arms etc and is particularly great for body contouring and shaping.

Patients will experience less bruising and swelling with vaser lipo than traditional lipo.

2. Is vaser lipo a surgical or non surgical procedure

Vaser lipo is a surgical procedure and is undertaken in a hospital theatre.

3. Do vaser lipo patients have a general or local anaesthetic

Patients can have the procedure either under general or local anaesthetic plus sedation.  It ultimately depends on the surgeon and patient suitability.

4. Post procedure, will I be sore and bruised?

Yes – vaser lipo patients can expect to be sore and bruised for up to two weeks post procedure. It all depends on the patient as people have different pain thresholds and heal at different rates.

5. How much fat can be removed?

Up to 3litres of fat can removed from a patient during a single procedure. However, this is dependent on patient suitability and the areas being treated.

6. Will I need to stay overnight?

Depends – vaser lipo can be undertaken either as a day case or overnight depending on the patient and the surgeon’s recommendations.

7. How long will I have to take off from work?

We would advise a minimum of 5 days at least off work or any strenuous activities.

8. Will there be any scarring?

There will be small incision scars which will eventually fade over time.

9. What areas can be treated with vaser?

Large areas which can be treated include: inner and outer thighs, upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower back, buttocks and flanks.

Smaller areas include: chin, arms and knees.

10. Will fat ever return to the areas that have been treated?

All lipo patients are likely to put weight on in areas which haven’t been treated. However, no lipo procedure, vaser or traditional, can remove all fat cells so you may see some fat return to the treated area.

11. Do I need to be a certain weight / BMI before having the op?

Patients who have a BMI of 35 or less are suitable for this procedure. We also advise patients to be at their optimum weight before having vaser lipo for the best results.

12. How many dress sizes / inches will I lose?

We don’t provide patients with details of how many inches / dress sizes they will drop – it’s important to note that vaser and traditional lipo are not weightloss surgeries, they are body shaping and contouring procedures.

13. How soon will I see the results?

On average, patients will start to see results between 6-8 weeks post op. For some, it can be up to 6months.


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