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What is breast surgery? (mammoplasty)

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Mammoplasty is the term used to refer to reduction, uplift,  augmentation and general breast enhancement surgeries. Breast enlargement is the use of implants to increase the size of breasts. Reduction and uplift is the removal of breast tissue to reduce or alter the shape of the breast.

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We understand how you feel and why you’re thinking of breast enhancement surgery. Every year we speak to thousands of women about all types of breast surgery.

Number of enquiries

  • 30,000

    breast enlargement enquiries

  • 1,500

    breast reduction enquiries

  • 1,000

    breast uplift enquiries

Most common reasons for Surgery

  • Breasts too big
  • Breasts too small
  • Backache due to large breasts
  • Uneven breasts
  • Loss of volume after child birth

Why have a breast procedure?

Uneven breast size can affect self-confidence. It can be difficult to find the right bra’s and clothes. To correct uneven breasts your surgeon would need to assess you and understand what you want to achieve from your breast surgery (mammoplasty) procedure. This could include breast uplift, breast reduction or a combination including implants.

Loss of volume following pregnancy is a common problem shared by millions of women but some suffer more than others. Breast sizes can change dramatically through pregnancy and post pregnancy which results in the loss of volume. This can affect women who started with a small chest size as well as women who have larger natural chests to begin with. Your surgeon may recommend a breast uplift or an implant or a combination to help you achieve the right breast size and shape to achieve the look you want.

Large breasts can make you look out of proportion and in some cases, women suffer from backache as result of their breast size. In these circumstances, your surgeon would recommend a breast reduction surgery and would discuss with you the size and shape you would be happy with.

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Every woman’s personal reasons for choosing cosmetic breast surgery are as individual as she is. That’s why we always invite you to come and talk to us in confidence and with no obligation. This will allow you to discuss what you hope to achieve and allow us to talk about what you can expect from us before you decide to go ahead.

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