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  • of patients rated their experiences as good or excellent in our 2013 patient survey

    of patients rated their experiences as good or excellent in our 2013 patient survey

Here's to a more confident you

When you’re unhappy with your breasts it’s hard to feel confident. You might not wear the clothes you’d like to, cover up on the beach and even feel self-conscious in front of your partner. So cosmetic breast surgery isn’t just about enhancing your looks; it can really boost your self-esteem too. 

Our most requested procedures are breast enlargement and breast reduction, both of which can even out your proportions and have a dramatic impact.  Breast uplift is another popular choice for women who want to regain a firm, rounded bust after childbirth or when gravity begins to take its toll. We also offer a range of nipple correction procedures which can help to restore your self-confidence.

Every woman’s personal reasons for choosing cosmetic breast surgery are as individual as she is. That’s why we always invite you to book an appointment to talk to us in confidence and with no obligation. These allow you to discuss  what you hope to achieve and allow us to talk about what you can expect from us before you decide to go ahead.

  • Sheli McCoy, 24
  • Sheli McCoy, 24

    Breast augmentation

    It has made me more confident in all areas of my life, especially my career


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