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We understand how you feel and why you're thinking about breast surgery

Over the past 40 years thousands of women have chosen Transform for their breast implant surgery - commonly referred to as a 'boob job'. We know women decide to have breast implants for different reasons - from regaining fullness after weight loss or pregnancy, to balance out uneven breasts or to increase their breast size to better suit their frame. Whatever the reason for your breast augmentation, our highly experienced surgeons will advise you at your free consultation to help you achieve the size and shape you want.

Transform is an established cosmetic surgery provider with over 40 years of experience. We take your safety and recovery seriously which is why we have our own dedicated hospitals with experienced surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses to ensure your surgery and aftercare is in the safest hands.

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Why choose Transform?

  • We only use Allergan implants which are FDA approved so you can be assured of the best results
  • Up to 10 years aftercare for your additional peace of mind
  • Dedicated cosmetic surgery hospitals for continuous care in the best facilities
  • Experienced surgeons to advise and help you achieve the Breast enlargement you want
  • Pre and post op nurse appointments at your local clinic

Thousands of happy breast augmentation patients

We're really proud of all the successful surgery we’ve done and love hearing about our patients' experiences of Transform. That's why we've spent time with our patients listening to their stories and finding out all about why they had surgery with us and how it's changed their lives. You can watch our breast patient Becky talking about how breast surgery helped her get back to her old self and enjoy being a young mum again below.

Becky's breast enlargement story

Breast enlargement prices and finance

£4,250 - £5,300*

As standard your procedure includes:

  • All standard pre-op screening and medical tests
  • Hospital stay including all meals, medication and additional facilities
  • Our 3-year aftercare programme with access to our 24/7 helpline.

*Depending on the size and choice of implant this price is likely to change

Allergan implants

At Transform, we've been using Allergan breast implants since 2006. Allergan are the world's largest producer of implants and their manufacturing facility is regulated by the US FDA.

The Natrelle product range allows your surgeon to choose the best implant for you based on your body frame and the results you want to achieve from your breast enlargement surgery.

Natrelle™ Implants

  • Over 600 size, shape and projection options
  • 6 protective layers (inc. 360° barrier)
  • BIOCELL texturisation
  • CE marked & FDA approved implant with globally recognised quality standards
  • 3 years readmission policy as standard
  • Extendible up to 10 years
  • Handmade with 100+ quality checks


Transform offers as standard 3 years of aftercare for all Allergan breast patients. In addition, we also offer an extended aftercare policy of up to 10 years for patients who wish for additional peace of mind.

What does breast enlargement surgery involve?

Breast enlargement surgery usually takes between one and two hours under general anaesthetic. You may be able to return home the same day, though some patients will require an overnight stay in one of our Transform hospitals.

Your surgeon will make incisions in your breasts, either in the crease under your breast, around the nipple or towards your armpit. This allows for your breast implants to be positioned into place using one of two methods.

  • In front of the pectoral (chest) muscle - this is suitable for you if you’ve some breast tissue already that is being made larger or if you’re restoring fullness to deflated breasts.
  • Behind the pectoral (chest) muscle – this is suitable for ladies with very small breasts who have no excess skin to ‘pad out’. This method reduces the risk of your breast implants showing, but it is more difficult to place larger implants using this method.

Your breast enlargement surgeon will talk to you in detail about the best breast augmentation method and implant size for you.

You'll get all the advice you need at your free consultation

At Transform, we take great care to ensure our patients are well informed at every stage of their procedure beyond the idea of just having a boob job. You can discuss every aspect of your breast enlargement with one of our surgeons absolutely free of charge and with no obligation to go ahead.

An expert member of our team can contact you to help you with your enquiry. We will also send you a brochure on your selected area of interest.

You'll recover at your local Transform clinic

Our priority is that your recovery is a full and speedy one. Whilst it's important to give your body time to heal from any operation, there are specific instructions we'll ask you to follow after Breast augmentation surgery.

Within 6 to 8 weeks of your surgery your body should have healed to the extent that you'll see the full, permanent results of your breast enlargement.

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