Breast uplift before and after

A breast lift is ideal for anyone who has sagging breasts – most patients we see for this procedure have either lost a significant amount of weight e.g. through pregnancy, dieting etc or have always had large breasts which over time have lost their pertness.

A breast lift can be done on it’s own or in conjunction with a breast augmentation (patient profiled had a breast lift and breast augmentation).

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Patients are required to stay overnight following the op and advised to take at least two weeks off work.

Anyone thinking of having this operation needs to bear in mind that this is a major procedure and there is a certain level of scarring involved.

Also, as with all surgical procedures, strict adherence to post operative care is very important to avoid any complications.

The vast majority of women who opt for this procedure have no problems with breastfeeding post op and are very pleased with the outcome of their surgery.

Results are immediate and prices for a breast lift start from £5,300.

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