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Before & After

Like any surgical operation, undergoing breast lift surgery is a big decision and our role is to educate you on the process and help you determine if this is the right procedure for you. Understandably, results will differ from person to person but our before and after images will help you to set your expectations prior to the procedure.

As you can see from these before and after images, the breast is visibly lifted in appearance, transforming sagging breasts by reshaping the tissue that results in a fuller appearance.

We have performed thousands of breast uplifts here at Transform and we love hearing how this treatment has boosted the self-confidence of our patients. So, whether you want a boob lift following a dramatic weight loss or after pregnancy, our before and after pictures can help you to understand the possibilities.



We understand that realistic before and after photos are an integral part of the decision making process and if you have any questions, we are on hand to offer guidance and expertise throughout every step of your breast uplift journey. Book a consultation today to discuss your requirements with one of our state of the art surgeons.

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