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Step by Step

A guide to every stage of your journey with Transform

At Transform, we understand how hard it is to take the first step and that you will have questions and concerns at every stage. We are here to help you make the right decision for you.

This step-by-step guide gives an overview of the exemplary levels of advice, support and care you’ll receive throughout your journey with us.


Your cosmetic journey

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Here’s what you can expect at each stage of the cosmetic surgery process with Transform:

1: Your first appointment

When you come along for your first consultation at one of our Transform clinics, you’ll meet one of our specially-trained Patient Care Co-ordinators. Many have had cosmetic surgery themselves, so they understand how you’re feeling. If you do decide to go ahead with surgery, your Patient Care Co-ordinator will always be available to offer support and guidance whenever you need it.

  • We’ll talk to you about the procedure you’re interested in.
  • We'll show you some ‘before & after’ pictures of the results we’ve achieved for our past patients.
  • We'll explain what happens before and after your operation.
  • We'll discuss likely costs with you.

You can decide if you’d like to go ahead and arrange a free consultation with one of our surgeons. You’re under no obligation to have the procedure, but from your first appointment we’ll treat you as our patient and will maintain your privacy.

2: Meeting your surgeon

The next step is to meet your surgeon to discuss your procedure in more detail. Every cosmetic surgery procedure is individual to the patient, so this consultation is all about discovering what you hope to achieve from your surgery.

  • Your surgeon will ask about your medical history and conduct a short examination.
  • You’ll talk about your expectations and your surgeon will advise what can realistically be achieved.
  • This is also your opportunity to ask any questions – nothing is too trivial. So please mention any worries and let us set your mind at ease.

To help you make your decision in your own time, we’ll give you one of our detailed patient guides to take home with you. It will contain all the information about the procedure you’re interested in and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact your Patient Care Co-ordinator. We’re here to ensure you’re fully informed about every aspect of your procedure before making any decisions.

Following your surgical consultation we’ll be able to let you know the full cost of your procedure which includes all pre- and post-operative care. If you’re happy to go ahead, your Patient Care Co-ordinator will explain our payment details and book your procedure date. We can also let you know about the loan and credit options available through our partnership with a specialist financial provider. You’ll find details on our cosmetic surgery finance page.

3: Before your procedure 

If you do decide to go ahead there will be a few things to do before your procedure:

  • Pre-op screening at the clinic - just to make sure you’re physically fit enough to have your surgery and to check your suitability for anaesthetic.
  • We might need to take a blood test.
  • We’ll take a photograph for your file.
  • We’ll let you know how and when to pay your fees and give you an Admission Sheet which will have all the details about any preparation you need for your procedure at the hospital.

4: Your surgery

Every cosmetic surgery procedure is unique and your surgeon will have talked to you about the exact details of your own operation. Whether you’ll be going home on the day of your surgery or staying overnight, you’ll enjoy exceptional levels of care, hygiene and privacy in the continued care of Transform.

Our patients in England have their procedures in one of our fully owned Transform hospitals in London or Manchester which are purpose-built for cosmetic surgery. All of our hospital team members are specially trained in cosmetic surgery patient care. In Scotland and Northern Ireland we work in partnership with cosmetic surgery private hospitals which meet our own stringent standards of care, hygiene and cleanliness.

5: Your aftercare

Your aftercare is as important as the surgery itself. Following your procedure you’ll have:

  • A post-op appointment with your clinic nurse
  • A review meeting with your surgeon - this is to check on your recovery and to discuss any further aftercare you might require.
  • You’ll also be enrolled into our 3-year aftercare programme. Should you experience any clinical complications as a direct result of your cosmetic surgery procedure with Transform during this time period, we will provide any further surgical treatment, nursing and hospital care free of charge. The full Terms & Conditions of our re-admission policy are explained in the patient guide you’ll receive before you book your procedure.

Extra support

Having any kind of surgery can be daunting so we’ll do all we can to put your mind at ease. Our Patient Care Co-ordinators are happy to put you in touch with past patients who can tell you first-hand what it’s like and what to expect from your experience with Transform.

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