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Lydia Elise Millen

Laser Hair Removal

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“It’s not just about looking good or for vanity purposes, it’s about living your life the way you want to without having to worry.”

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For me, excess hair was no laughing matter

Hi everyone, my name’s Lydia, I’m a fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger. I would describe my style as ‘French Vogue’ I’m a big fan of leather trousers; I love blazers and usually stick to a natural palette of black/white/nude and camel tones.

I have been having laser hair removal with Transform. I opted for full body hair removal, a series of sessions, one per month over an eight-month period.

I realised early on I had a little bit more excess hair than the average person, I was embarrassed and very insecure about it. The whole process is incredibly emotional for me. I still remember the first time someone noticed I had hairier legs than the other girls. I was around six years old in P.E class and one girl pointed it out in front of everyone - I was mortified and that stayed with me for a long time.

I went home that night and asked my mum why I was like that and what I could do about it. My battle started when I was that young, I began doing everything I could to remove the hair and spent such a huge part of my life doing so. It’s something that girls don’t really talk about so I didn’t know there was anyone else out there like me.

As I grew up, I kind of just learnt to live with it, as depressing as it was, because I didn’t really know my options. From my young teens I just assumed it would be the usual culprits for losing the hair - certainly nothing long lasting.

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Trust is a big part of my treatment

I had my consultation with Gosia, who was going to be performing my treatment. From the word ‘go’ she made me feel so comfortable, nothing was too embarrassing to talk about. Laser hair removal isn’t like most treatments. The results aren’t instant and it’s a long term commitment, so it’s important to have a good rapport with your practitioner.

Gosia really made me feel at ease, which was important to me as I was going to be showing her every inch of my body during my treatment. I didn’t want it to be awkward or uncomfortable so it was incredibly reassuring that by the end of the consultation, it actually felt like we had formed a sort of friendship.

After my consultation I booked my first treatment, which was quite a liberating experience - I felt like I was taking control of the situation. It was a really exciting prospect.

The treatment itself was a lot quicker than I expected – obviously as I was having my whole body treated I thought the process would be really long-winded. I knew that some areas of my body would be a lot more sensitive than others, but I was mentally prepared and as I say, it was over before I knew it.

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I owed it to myself to do my research

I owed it to myself to do my research

The main thing for me was doing my research - I’m so pleased I did. I was worried that the treatment may damage my skin or I may end up with someone who wasn’t adequately skilled carrying out my treatment.

There are so many places out there that offer laser hair removal and you need to make sure you go to a reputable and trusted clinic. It was important to me to find someone who was both professional and sympathetic- exactly what I found Transform to be.

I couldn’t believe how at ease I felt throughout the process; I knew as I was having several sessions it was really important to feel comfortable with the team. I felt like I could be completely honest, before, during and after the treatment.

One thing I would stress from experience is that you really don’t need to feel embarrassed or put off, so many women suffer from this problem, you’re not on your own, they just don’t talk about it.

As much as it felt like a big thing when I was younger, to now be able to say I’m doing something about it is just amazing! I’m looking forward to being able to get my legs out in the summer and not having to worry about it.

It'’'s not all plain sailing though
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It’s not all plain sailing though

It became apparent that the treatment I was having, albeit non-invasive, was quite harsh to the skin. Having a laser on your skin means you’re highly susceptible to sun damage so using a high factor sun cream is essential, alongside a good daily skincare regime.

Once the first treatment was over I actually booked myself a make-up appointment at a store nearby, the redness had gone and I was just ready to get on with my day.

Looking good... and more importantly, feeling great!

Looking good… and more importantly, feeling great!

I can honestly say I’m feeling empowered and liberated by the whole experience.

I’ve had to deal with intense hair removal my entire life so I’m now looking forward to a life where it doesn’t dominate my thoughts quite so much. It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I can makes plans without having to incorporate my tiresome hair removal regime.

This really wasn’t about looking good or for vanity purposes; this whole process has been about me learning to live my life the way I want to and not having to worry so much about keeping up with hair removal and exposing certain parts of my body.

Transform has made it a positive experience for me and I’m more than happy to share my story so that no one has to feel the way I did.

I’m thrilled with the results so far and would strongly recommend Transform to anyone in similar position to me. You don’t have to suffer and put up with excessive hair that’s bothering you, there really is something you can do about it!

“No one has to suffer in silence”

Lydia on laser hair treatment
Watch the video

Lydia on laser hair treatment

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“There are so many places that offer laser hair removal. You need to make sure you go to a reputable & trusted clinic.”

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