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Something was holding me back… my nose

Hi I’m Scarlett Dixon, from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog “Scarlett London”. My style is quite eclectic, I love to mix feminine 60’s trends with bohemian pieces – I kind of just wear a bit of everything, I like to keep it quite mixed.

From the age of 12 I knew I didn’t like my nose, I was really conscious it wasn’t in proportion to the rest of my face. I never allowed anyone to take a side profile picture of me, which if you think about it is quite sad – and certainly never thought a nose job was a possibility for someone like me! I thought it was for very wealthy or famous people – not something normal people like me could get done.

After 10 years of thinking about it, in 2015, I decided it was finally time to make a change to my life and booked my first consultation with Transform for Rhinoplasty surgery.

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My surgeon was my biggest reassurance

When I began my research in earnest and what provider to go with, I initially took to the Internet, which was like a minefield when it came to cosmetic surgery. I did email a few private surgeons too, but they all wanted a fee for even an initial consultation. It just wasn’t feasible for me to be hundreds of £££s out of pocket to see a few surgeons I might not even be comfortable with.

It wasn’t until I bumped into fellow blogger Lucy from “Lulu Trixabelle” at London Fashion Week that my journey took the turn it was destined too. Lucy looked great and I knew something about her was different, but just thought she’d been on holiday – until she fessed up. She’d had a nose job and had written a diary about her experiences. And I just loved her subtle result.

Lucy recommended I get in touch with Mr Lahoud at Transform and said it was the best decision she ever made and would recommend him in a heartbeat. This put my anxiety to rest and I booked a consultation the very next day.

My first consultation with Mr Lahoud was great. He has a very calming presence about him so I automatically felt really comfortable and at ease. He measured my nose in proportion to my face and went through how I wanted my nose to look. At this point he went on to tell me I was never going to have an “Angelina Jolie” nose, further explaining there was no such thing as a perfect nose. It was great to know he was managing my expectations and he was very considered in his explanation.

I wanted someone who had the same vision as me for my nose and Mr Lahoud definitely did. I had a new-found confidence just from our initial conversation – and I was finally doing something about something that had bothered me for so long.

My instincts were further reassured when I asked if I could even have a second consultation to make sure I had all my questions answered. Mr Lahoud went over everything again with me, including how my nose would look when I was smiling, from the front and side. I left our second meeting with all my apprehensions put to rest.

Picking the right surgeon was really important to me and I was very sure that I’d made the right choice.

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My journey
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“I’d been waiting for this day for the best part of ten years so to have it in my diary was an amazing feeling.”

My journey

Mr Lahoud aside, I drew reassurance from my patient co-ordinator at Transform – Lauren.

During my first appointment with Lauren, she explained the next steps of my journey and what I could expect. She showed me before and after pictures and provided me with a patient guide and other literature on topics from finance to information on the hospital where my op would take place (which was owned by Transform and where only cosmetic ops take place). It was great to know Lauren was at the other end of the phone at any time. She even called me the night before the operation and put all my anxieties to rest.

On the day of my surgery, everyone at the Riverside hospital was so lovely and welcoming. All the staff were so friendly, I had my own room and a nurse checking in on me asking if I wanted to chat or if I needed anything at all.

I have to confess I was really nervous about having anaesthetic, as I’d never been “under” before. Pain afterwards was also a concern, but perhaps biggest of all was my fear that I wouldn’t look like me. However, as soon as Mr Lahoud came to visit me and we went over once again what I’d look like and what to expect, I felt much better about what lay ahead.

After my operation I came round and felt pretty out of it, but the moment I could stand up, I couldn’t resist sneaking off to the bathroom for a look. I noticed straight away that the tip was more refined and set my mind at rest that Mr Lahoud had achieved what we set out to do. That little sneak peak was enough for me to last the week until the big reveal. During that time I had little to no pain which was great – it made my recovery much easier knowing I wasn’t in massive amounts of pain all the time.

The most exciting part? As anyone who’s had nose surgery will tell you it’s the day your cast is taken off and you see your new nose for the first time and how you’re going to look for the rest of my life. My head was full of questions; will people notice? Will it look like what I wanted it too? When I went in to the room to have my cast taken off, the nurse kindly asked if I wanted some background music on to calm my nerves, which I really appreciated. When I looked in the mirror it was a very surreal experience because staring back was the nose I’d always wanted to have. It was perfect.

Although there was still swelling from where the cast had been compressing it, it was exactly what I’d envisaged. I didn’t realise something so natural could be achieved. I was literally wowed by the result in front of me.

Aftercare wasn’t an afterthought

Aftercare wasn’t an afterthought

The aftercare for me was so much more important than what I expected. I really liked the fact I could ring up at anytime and ask questions without feeling like a nuisance.

I had two aftercare check-ups to make sure everything was healing correctly and to have the final stitches taken out. The nurses again were fantastic in answering all my questions like, when could I apply pressure to my nose, or when could I put make-up on my face?

I then had another consultation after 16 weeks with Mr Lahoud. This is when he checked over everything and I asked a few more questions about the final result and swelling. It was really reassuring to see Mr Lahoud, the actual person who did the operation – and to see him as pleased with the outcome as I was myself.

“For me a very important factor was that I felt comfortable with my surgeon and the environment that I was going to be having an operation in.”

I'm not hiding behind my hair anymore

I’m not hiding behind my hair anymore

Finally choosing to have a Rhinoplasty was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Lucy from “Lulu Trixabelle” was right! I couldn’t be more pleased with my new nose and how I feel. Before, I was really wary of what I looked like and conscious of my nose and face. Now, I’m much more confident when meeting new people as I no longer feel self-conscious.

I’ve even been able to experiment with new make-up looks and cut my hair, which I felt I was hiding behind. I’m like a new person and I feel so much happier! My friends and family all comment on the change they have noticed in me too.

To anyone thinking about this procedure or something similar I would encourage you go to Transform and speak to one of their surgeons about the things you want to change. There’s no obligation to book a procedure and it’s sometimes just good to hear expert advice and take those first steps towards a new you.

“Give yourself time to recover”

Scarlett shares her thoughts
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Scarlett shares her thoughts

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“Picking the right surgeon was really important to me and I was very sure that I made the right choice.”

Find out more about rhinoplasty with Transform

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