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For as long as I can remember…

Hi I’m Sarah Ashcroft and I run the fashion and beauty blog “That Pommie Girl” specialising in all things high street! I’m all about the everyday girl and finding ways to style things up that make you feel fabulous all the time.

In May 2015, having wanted and thought about breast enlargement surgery for as long as I can remember to combat my insecurities, I finally went ahead and had a boob job. A decision that in hindsight I’m so thrilled I made.

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I did it for myself and no one else

My style is all about accessibility and affordability. I like to combine the feminine with the more casual look – the sort of stuff that suits the everyday girl. High heels & glam is just as important to me as jeans & trainers.

The main focus of my blog has always been my face. While I always wanted to be more creative with clothes, my insecurities held me back as I didn’t want to draw attention to my body.

Really, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t feel insecure about how I looked. I always felt so out of proportion and it really knocked me back in terms of my body confidence. All this is what motivated me to think about breast enlargement. The decision was entirely for myself – I wanted to feel more feminine and comfortable in my body.

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I was so nervous before my consultation

I was so nervous before my consultation

Beforehand I was so nervous about the idea of talking to a complete stranger about my boobs, the very thing I absolutely hated about myself.

However, all my fears were laid to rest when I had my first appointment with my Patient Co-ordinator Astrid at Transform’s London clinic. She was great and completely put me at ease. I didn’t think I could feel so relaxed talking about something I was not entirely comfortable talking about.

Astrid arranged for me to meet my surgeon, Mr Meleagros. I made a point of doing a lot of research on him and knew he was a respected and highly recommended surgeon. Even knowing he was one of the best breast surgeons in the country still didn’t stop me feeling nervous come my consultation with him – and after meeting him I knew 100% he was the surgeon for me.

In addition to making me feel calm and relaxed, what I liked most was he didn’t sugar-coat things. Everything was made black and white for me. So much so that even for someone like me who has no idea about medical stuff, I left the consultation feeling really knowledgeable & informed.

“I assumed a boob job would result in ‘fake looking boobs’ but that’s totally not the case.”

What kept me awake at night

Pure & simple my biggest fear about the whole process was ending up looking “fake”.

Far from it though, my consultation was an education in itself. There are literally hundreds of possibilities, but it’s all about choosing the right size, shape & position of implant for your body.

On D-day the only thing I worried about was my needle phobia
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“The most important thing to remember if you’re considering a boob job is to make sure you do it for yourself. At the end of the day it’s your body and your confidence.”

On D-day the only thing I was worried about was my needle phobia

It’s testimony to how thorough the whole experience was that the night before, the only thing I was genuinely still feeling nervy about was the anaesthetic and having a needle in my arm. There were no other surprises, I knew what to expect with everything else and felt completely at ease about it.

On being admitted to Transform’s Riverside hospital in west London, I met with my nurse who asked me lots of medical questions they needed to, before dressing me in a very gorgeous hospital gown and attractive stockings! Those pics are not going to be on Instagram anytime soon!

I was what they call a ‘day case’, which means I’m admitted and discharged on the same day. That was really important for me. Some girls like to stay in the hospital overnight but I didn’t want to. I just wanted to get back home to recover as soon as it was all over.

All in all I was there from around 7am till 5pm and I must have slept for a good four hours during recovery. The nurses were on hand for my every need; they kept coming in, checking I had enough food/water and of course the important things like my blood pressure etc.

Post op I have to admit I felt very tired, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I remember I felt cold too and just a general weird sensation – I couldn’t really describe it – I guess it was down to the anaesthetic. Having my nurse around was great though. It was just so nice to have someone there, even though we were just talking absolute nonsense. Once I came round they took me to my room where all my family were waiting- the whole thing was so emotional, I cried!

I still remember to this day my big reveal. It was the oddest thing to go from having nothing to looking at yourself with boobs!

After that, the only thing left to do post surgery is the removal of the drains. The drains are put in during surgery to make sure anything that needs to come out, can come out. I won’t go into gory details. That was probably the only thing during the whole experience that I would say was uncomfortable, but again, being fully versed beforehand helped. I wouldn’t describe it as “pain” – just a really odd sensation.

The next thing I remember was waking up post theatre and that’s when my new boob life started!

The weirdest week of my life

The first week post op was probably the weirdest week of my life so far. Having “something” where previously there was nothing certainly took some getting used to.

In terms of recovery I still couldn’t really believe it. I had geared myself up for a lot of pain when there wasn’t really any at all. I remember feeling incredibly drowsy, but aside from that the healing process was pretty straightforward, with the major inconvenience being a support bra due to the neck and back pain from my new posture.

I was initially worried about sleeping but my nurse had tipped me off to try a V-shaped maternity pillow. They help you sleep upright and in comfort – a godsend! I also felt thirsty all the time and my appetite was minimal. This (combined with the tiredness), did leave me feeling a bit bored and fed up. I’m not used to resting so it was a struggle towards the end.

About a week after my op I was back at the Transform London clinic for the first of my post-op check ups. Here, my nurse removed the dressing and checked everything was OK. As well as being generally reassuring it also allowed me to voice any concerns I had been having.

“The next thing I remember was waking up post theatre and that’s when my new boob life started!”

The weirdest week of my life
My 'new boob' life

My ‘new boob’ life

Before my op, one of my secret fears was the stigma that might come with having had a ‘boob job’, but post op I’m so pleased I went ahead. I knew I was doing it for me and I’m so so happy with the results. They look really natural and completely in keeping with the shape of my body. They feel like they’ve always been there.

It really has changed my life and cliched as it sounds, I feel like a new person with a newfound confidence and love for my body. Now, I can be as experimental as I want to be with my style; something I always wanted and I feel like my blogging has come on leaps and bounds too. To be honest I would say my expectations have been exceeded. I genuinely believe the success of my procedure and quality of my results is all down to the fact I took my time doing my research and getting the surgeon who was perfect for me.

“Do your research and more importantly, do it for yourself”

Sarah shares some insights into breast enlargement
Watch the video

Sarah shares some insights into breast enlargement


Before breast enlargement


After breast enlargement

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“I genuinely believe the success of my procedure and quality of my results is all down to the fact I took my time doing research and getting the surgeon who was perfect for me.”

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