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I wanted to be the best version of me I could be

I’m Monikh Dale from the fashion blog “Tres Monikh”. My personal style is quite eclectic. I love pairing oversized, boyish tailored shapes with feminine details. My go-to outfit at the moment is boyfriend jeans with an oversized shirt and cute heels – a girl can really feel amazing in a good pair of heels!

When my own style as a personal shopper started to get recognised by friends and colleagues, I started blogging, which was around two years ago now. As Instagram grew in popularity I was becoming quite well-known and I began to upload outfit pictures and my blog kind of just developed from there really.

The more I put myself out there though, the more self aware I became of how I looked, my good features – and the not so good. Top of my list of my bad ones was my lips – they were quite disproportionate, so I started thinking about having lip fillers and what they might do for me.

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An evening with Transform left me transfixed

There’s been so much talk in the media about the dangers of fillers (how many are unregulated and how anyone seemed able to inject them), I thought I owed it to myself and my face to do this properly.

After researching the different treatments options available I decided to attend a “bloggers evening” at Transform’s London clinic.

Here I got the chance to meet the staff and watch a live demonstration of various treatments from Botox to a skin-lifting treatment called Ultherapy. It was an education and great to see first hand how pain-free and effective non-surgical treatments can be. Better still was the opportunity it gave me to speak to Transform’s Dr Lamia. She was a gorgeous looking lady and was so nice too. I pretty much made up my mind that night and I booked in to see her for a consultation.

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I felt in control and listened to

“I thought it was great that I gave my opinion first, it made me feel really comfortable knowing that my judgement wasn’t tainted.”

I felt in control and listened to

At my consultation with Dr Lamia I decided to take my friend along with me for that extra bit of moral support. I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision and that I had somebody else’s opinion too.

Dr Lamia took the time to explain what the treatment involved and what to expect. We looked at my face together in a mirror and I went through what I liked and didn’t like about my smile. It felt great that I had the opportunity to give my opinion and thoughts first. I wanted to look like me, but the best version of me I could be!

Time was also spent explaining the anatomy of the different parts of the lips that can be injected and how this would affect my results. As much as anything this was a great insight into the world of lip fillers, and really helped me make my final decision. We decided we were going to balance out my top lip with my bottom lip by injecting 0.5ml of lip filler into my lip line and side areas. This was to achieve the pout and overall look I had previously described to her.

The first step was to apply numbing cream to my lips, which was left on for around 20 minutes. The time passed so quickly as we had a nice chat about lips on other people we liked. I then lay on the treatment couch with the mirror in my hand so I was able to watch Dr Lamia as she was injecting. I felt really at ease watching as it gave me the opportunity to make comments on having more or less.

The numbing cream seemed to work its magic as there was absolutely no pain on the first side of my lips. However, the other slide was slightly more uncomfortable, but it’s quite common apparently for one side of the face to be more sensitive than the other – it was great to know I wasn’t the only one!

Injecting into the middle part of my lips was my biggest anxiety - I just didn’t want them to look too big, but my concerns were misplaced. Once finished, I was so happy - they looked exactly how I wanted them too!

I wasn’t allowed to put on lipstick or eat for a few hours but that was fine, I’d finally achieved the look I’d always wanted!

After two weeks the swelling went down a little, but I couldn’t have been happier. My cupid’s bow is still there and looks really prominent, which makes them look super natural. Six months later I booked my second procedure and once again Dr Lamia was every bit as incredible as first time round. Now nine months on, I’m still super happy with the result! One small change can really help build your confidence!

Feeling good, the results
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Feeling good, the results

I have this new confidence that wasn’t there before. I no longer feel self conscious of my lips and face. I know this is an on-going treatment that I can have when I want and it’s always great to know there’s just one little change you can make that effects your confidence for the better.

Now I’ve had my treatment, I’m really open to talking about it and passing on advice – I’ve so much interest and positive feedback and recommended quite a few people to Transform already.

I was doing this for me, I didn’t really care what the outside world thought. I was only really worried what my Mum and boyfriend would think. Once they saw how incredible the result was and watched my confidence grow, they were really pleased with the decision I’d made.

When you feel good, we feel good - Transform means what they say!

When you feel good, we feel good Transform means what they say!

My experience with Transform from start to end was incredible. The staff are so friendly and relatable. I felt like I had full control over the procedure, which was a massive relief for me as I’ve seen so many lip jobs go wrong!

I’ve heard you can get these types of procedures done in hair salons and at home, I would highly recommended that anything like this should be done in a clinic with medically trained and qualified staff. You should always check out the surroundings first and to make sure you’re in safe hands.

“Know yourself and know what you want”

Monikh'’'s experience in a nutshell
Watch the video

Monikh’s experience in a nutshell

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“There’s so much talk about the dangers of fillers I owed it to myself & my face to do this properly.”

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