Beckie’s story

Beckie remembers having feelings of insecurity about her nose from as young as fourteen years old. “I’ve always been insecure about how my nose and my side profile looked. Having rhinoplasty is something I always said I would do, eventually.”  

In 2021 she decided it was the right time to take action. Having looked at rhinoplasty patient stories online, she decided to catch up with some of her friends who had previously had surgery, so that she could be sure that she chose the provider that was right for her. “I already knew a lot of people who had been treated by Transform, and four of them had had rhinoplasty surgery,” she says. “I decided that they would be the right choice for me due to my friends’ comments and recommendations - I would be in safe hands.”  
Beckie recalls the feelings of excitement once she had set a date for her surgery, "Once I had my surgery booked in, I was excited to get started, the whole Transform team made me feel really comfortable throughout my consultation, and I knew I was making the right decision.” 

The big day couldn’t come quick enough for Beckie. “I had been waiting all of my life for this day and it was finally here!” she says. “The support I received from the hospital team was amazing. I was given time scales for each step of my journey, and I never felt alone. Everyone was so lovely.” 

Beckie has had no regrets since her surgery, and is delighted with her new nose. “I’m two months post-op, and I feel amazing already! The swelling has gone down entirely, and I am just so happy with how my nose looks.”  

And would Beckie recommend rhinoplasty to others? “Yes. Absolutely. The confidence I’ve gained is unbelievable.” 

Beckie says that, although her family may have initially been apprehensive about her having rhinoplasty surgery, her results have won them over completely. “They’re shocked at how natural it looks. They’ve always known this was something I really wanted, and now they love the outcome just as much as I do!”  

When asked about her experience as a whole, Beckie smiles, “My journey has been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I felt well looked after throughout the entire process, the recovery was super quick, and the surgery is a distant memory now that I have my new nose. I feel like I’ve waited my entire life for this, and now I couldn’t be happier.” 


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