Sarah’s story

Many of our patients find that following dramatic weight loss, their stomachs never look quite the same. Despite eating healthy food and exercising regularly, there can be excess skin and fat in the abdomen area that won’t shift.

Sarah was one of our patients who experienced this. She remembers, “I lost 9 ½ stone a decade ago, and was self-conscious about the extra skin and fat in the area afterwards. Whenever I tried to dress up in something form fitting, I hated the way it looked because of the bulges it caused.

“After hearing great reviews about Transform, I decided to enquire about a tummy tuck. I had the procedure in March 2018, and my life has never been the same since!

“The way I feel about myself has changed entirely, and my confidence has been transformed. I can now wear clothing without fear of what my stomach looks like. It was definitely the best decision I have ever made, and I’d recommend the procedure to anyone in the same situation I was in. I’m still obsessed with how good my stomach looks, even 3 years on!”

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