Helen’s story

Helen had been considering a tummy tuck for over 10 years. After having her children and losing a substantial amount of weight, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to achieve the body she wanted through exercise alone. She had excess skin and muscle separation, so Helen decided to move forward with the surgery she’d dreamed of for so long.  

Having had her tummy tuck in December 2019, Helen’s life has completely changed. She says, “Since my surgery, I’ve finally found the confidence to join the gym. I’ve managed to work out 5 times a week at home during lockdown, and that’s resulted in a further weight loss of 21lb! I am now fitter than ever, and my confidence has sky-rocketed. 

“If you were to compare me with the person I was before surgery, you’d barely recognise me! And that’s not just physically, it’s mentally and emotionally, too. I never realised how my body affected me before – even down to my body language, my posture, and the way I presented myself. I would draw the attention away from myself and my body, and now I live in fitted workout gear and crop tops! 

“An unexpected result of my new body is that I’m more likely to run, work out, jump around and play with my children. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to do all of these things without worrying about how I look. I don’t even care about my post-baby stretch marks – anyone who wants to see my amazing new flat stomach can get an eyeful whenever they like!” 

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