Kaya’s Story

Kaya had been self-conscious about her nose since she’d started secondary school. She felt that it was too big for her face, and she was unhappy with its shape. She remembers, “As I got older, I dreamed of having one with a cute and defined shape, but really I had totally given up hope of ever getting rid of my horrible nose.” 

However, Kaya then discovered Transform. Having seen the ‘before and after’ pictures on our social media channels, she realised that the nose she wanted so much could actually become a reality. She had her initial free consultation, met the surgeon who would carry out the procedure, and knew within the first 5 minutes that he was the right one for her. 

Following her surgery and recovery process, Kaya couldn’t believe how amazing her results turned out to be. “My nose is perfect – exactly what I have always wanted!” she smiles. “I couldn’t have asked for more. The difference in the size and shape is incredible, and to this day I still notice amazing changes as the weeks go on. I am so happy with my new nose, and the confidence it has given me is amazing.” 

Kaya used to avoid having her picture taken as she didn’t like the way she looked from the side. She laughs, “Now I’m obsessed with having my picture taken. I love showing off my beautiful new nose. The rhinoplasty has changed my whole face – I finally feel feminine and beautiful.” 


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