Cristi’s story

Cristi had been self-conscious about her nose since she’d noticed her side profile in a changing room mirror at primary school. She remembers, “As I got older, I remained insecure about its size and shape. It wasn’t an all-encompassing worry – I was still a happy person, and confident in many other ways. But it was always there in the background, and something that I wanted to change for a long time.” 

In 2020 Cristi decided that she would finally go ahead with a nose job. A recommendation from a friend led her to contact Transform for a consultation with specialist surgeon Mr Samouris. She was immediately impressed. “He was so lovely,” Cristi smiles. “He was relaxed and reassuring in every way. At my face to face consultation, I forgot lots of questions I’d planned to ask, but he arranged a phone call with me a week later so that he could answer the rest.” 

Following her rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery, Cristi couldn’t believe how amazing her results turned out to be. “It’s still healing, but even when it was at its most swollen, I still loved it,” she says. “My confidence has grown massively. Sometimes I’ll walk past a mirror and remember all over again that I’ve had it done, and it just makes me so happy. 

Cristi used to avoid having her picture taken from the side as she didn’t like the way she looked. She laughs, “Now my phone is full of pictures of me. I love showing off my beautiful new nose. If there’s something you’re sure you want, then just go for it! I’m so glad I did.” 

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