Meet Miriam Rodriguez-Juarez

Miriam Rodriguez-Juarez

Miriam Rodriguez-Juarez, 23, is a student at Nottingham Trent University studying Fashion Marketing and Branding. Alongside her studies, she works as a model, which she’s done for six years.The thought of having a breast enlargement first occurred to Miriam when she was around 14 years old. Her natural growth development was slow and from the beginning of puberty there was little change. She began to feel that there was something wrong, because all the women in her family had full breasts but she didn’t. Miriam always felt that she wanted to have breast enlargement surgery as soon as she was old enough.

“My family was very conscious of how low I felt due to my lack of breasts. I would look at other girls my age and question why they had breasts and I didn’t! My family understood and supported my decision – if it was to lead to me being happy, then they were happy.

Prior to choosing Transform as my clinic, I did my research with different cosmetic surgery groups. Although something kept drawing me back to Transform.

I knew two women who had their breast augmentations done with Transform, so I grilled with them questions. At my first consultation, I remember I had an A4 sheet of paper full of questions on both sides. I was young to be getting this operation, so I wanted to be fully informed about everything. I left feeling excited, but more than anything really relaxed, Transform know what they’re doing.

At my first meeting with my surgeon, I was terrified! I brought my mum with me for support. Dr Borghini made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed, he included my mum in the discussion as well – which also reassured my mum that I was in good hands.

The aftercare was amazing. I remember from the moment I woke up, everyone was brilliant. Very kind and understanding about how I was feeling. I stayed overnight in the London hospital and I felt safe. Once I left, I had two weeks off work to recover.

Throughout my entire journey, every single person was extremely kind and caring. I remember having the general anaesthetic (it was my first time) and of course I was a little scared. And I remember the nurse at my side held my hand. It was little things like that, which made such a big difference.

The aftercare was amazing. I remember from the moment I woke up, everyone was brilliant. Very kind and understanding about how I was feeling.


I’d recommend Transform 100%. Since my surgery, a couple of my friends have had breast augmentations too, and chosen Transform. I get people contacting me asking questions about my experience and advice. It feels nice to be able to help people with something like this, as it is a big and life-changing decision.

Now, I feel confident within myself. I don’t flaunt my breasts. Most people who don’t know me have no clue I’ve had them done because I wanted them to look natural and firm my body shape, which they do perfectly. Plus, wearing bikinis now, I feel amazing!”

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